Product Spotlight - Theories of Atlantis Spring '24

By Dan Bunn


Take a deep dive into the realm of pseudoscience and conspiracy with the latest batch of decks and clothing from the one and only Theories of Atlantis.

Take a trip through the doors of perception and open your mind to the supernatural with the latest batch of goodies from legendary underground distribution, Theories of Atlantis. Founded by one of the most respected filmers of all time, Josh Stewart, Theories are purveyors of the most intellectually stimulating goods in skateboarding, whether that's their impeccably filmed and edited videos, high-quality clothing or mind-boggling graphics.

For their Spring '24 collection, Theories have delivered a fresh selection of goodies to expand your mind to galaxy-brain dimensions with a variety of new decks, T-shirts and caps. As always, the graphics draw inspiration from the worlds of pseudoscience and the supernatural, covering everything from cryptozoology to alien involvement in the Pyramids of Giza. Whether you're just starting to peer behind the veil of reality or you're deeply committed to uncovering the unknown, the latest goodies from Theories of Atlantis are sure to help you on your quest for knowledge.


Coming in hot with an incredible selection of new decks, the Theories of Atlantis Spring '24 collection features a fresh batch of conspiracy theory-based graphics for you to ponder over, ranging from alien invasions to the mysterious Easter Island heads.

Both the Theories of Atlantis 'Invasion' and 'Lost Moai' Decks feature vibrant, colourful graphics which explore some of life's greatest mysteries, including "What would an alien invasion actually be like?" and "What's the deal with those big stone heads?".

Theories of Atlantis Invasion 8.25" Deck

Alternatively, the drop also features the Theories of Atlantis 'Gridwalker' Deck which takes things in a more futuristic direction with its dark, synthwave aesthetic that's sure to help you step outside the limits of consciousness.

Last but definitely not least, we've also got the new Theories of Atlantis 'Cyanotype' Deck which features an incredible photography-based graphic from Theories skater, Connor Noll, who used the process of cyanotyping to produce this eerie, spectral image.

Theories of Atlantis Gridwalker 8.5" Deck


Alongside the new decks, the drop also features some fresh Theories of Atlantis T-shirts with equally thought-provoking designs that are sure to stir up arguments around the dinner table. 

While the Theories 'Gridwalker' T-shirt features the graphic from the 'Gridwalker' deck as a front and back print, the 'Excavator' T-shirt boasts a standalone graphic which is sure to piss off any archaeologists with an alien poking out from under one of the Great Pyramids.

Theories of Atlantis Excavator and Gridwalker T-shirts


Finishing the collection in style, we've also got a tasteful new cap from Theories to help keep all that esoteric knowledge safely stored in your noggin.

The Theories of Atlantis 'Cryptozoologist' Cap is a must-have accessory for any aspiring student of the mystical with its graphic based around the search for and study of legendary creatures known as cryptozoology.

The 'Cryptozoologist' Cap features a low square fit for a timeless aesthetic and comes in a stylish and practical Mocha colourway to help you blend into the undergrowth while searching for Bigfoot. Just remember to bring a camera.

Theories of Atlantis Cryptozoologist Cap (Mocha Brown)
That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Theories of Atlantis skateboards and clothing at CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.