By Dan Bunn


Catch up with all your favourite fire-breathers as they wreak havoc in Cardiff and beyond in our latest shop edit: 'ABD VID'.

Don't worry if you missed our exclusive in-store premiere on Skate Shop Day as the all-new CSC video is now online for you to enjoy! Filmed and edited by the Gaffer himself, Mike Ridout, 'ABD VID' features footage from in and around Cardiff filmed over the last few years, with all your favourite Dragons making an appearance as well as some debut clips from CSC's newest recruits: Jack Branch and Gabe Gorman.

Jack Steel Front Krook, photo by Mike Ridout

Astute viewers may recognise some of these clips from our ads in Thrasher, Vague, Grey and The Skateboarder's Companion, including footage from Jack Branch's new Welcome ad, Mike Hellier's no-comply wallie from his Thrasher ad and a load of Oscar's hammers.

As well as all this ad footage, 'ABD VID' also features clips from both Leo and Oscar's 'PUSH' interviews, including Leo's hectic front heel over a Bute block and Oscar's infamous 50 yank out on the Library hoop that ended up giving the Gaffer a black eye.

Mike Hellier No-Comply Wallie, photo by Mike Ridout

Seeing as he's racked up more ad coverage than anyone else over the years, it should come as no surprise that the one man demo himself, Oscar Evans, has come through with an equally ridiculous amount of footage for the video. 

Oscar has the honour of both starting and ending the video with a bang, unleashing a trifecta of bank-based savagery for the finale at some of Cardiff's most legendary spots - even is the ender was an ABD...

Oscar Evans 5050 Yank Out, photo by Mike Ridout

'ABD VID' features Oscar Evans, Jack Steele, Paul 'PJ' Jenkins, Jack Branch, Dylan Hughes, Don Irfan, Ben Rouse, Jim Silver, Conor Charleson, Leo Comanescu, Mike Hellier, Sam Pulley, Gabe Gorman, Lloyd Houston and Jake Collins, along with some heartwarming Hemmy lifestyle hammers for good measure.

Leo Comanescu Frontside Heelflip, photo by Mike Ridout
Oscar Evans Backside Flip, photo by Mike Ridout
Jack Branch Switch Flip, photo by Mike Ridout
Oscar Evans Halfcab Flip, photo by Mike Ridout
Oscar Evans Treflip, photo by Mike Ridout
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