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CAB Hardware produce a wide range of goodies including premium, scented skate wax, skateboard bolts, tees and more. Shop CAB Hardware and buy now from CSC!

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CAB Hardware - AKA Cute Asian Boys Hardware - are a premium hardware company straight out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We first heard about these guys thanks to the good homie, Don Irfan, and we're stoked to now be the only shop to stock them in the UK!

Quality is at the heart of everyone CAB Hardware do, from their deliciously scented skate wax (which comes in a snazzy cardboard box) to their custom hardware sets like the Don Irfan pro bolts.

The team features a wide selection of certified Cute Asian Boys including Azri Hadi, Luqman Hakim, and Malaysia's finest export, Don Irfan.

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