Collection: Poetic Collective

Poetic collective is a skate brand known for their boards, hats and pants...aka trousers. With a unique art-driven style, this brand stands out from the crowd without trying too hard.

Founded in Malmö, Sweden by skateboarder and artist, Tom Botwid, Poetic Collective is a brand that places art at its core. Their graphics draw inspiration from fine art and its rich and varied history, with their skateboard decks featuring various aesthetics rooted in art history, from collages to minimalism. If your tired of the worn-out tropes of traditional skate art and you're looking for something a bit more high-brow, then look no further than Poetic Collective.

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The team boasts a strong mix of both male and female legends, including Helena Long, Josie Lori, Mira Axelsson, Samuel Norgren, Simon Kallkvist, and Santiago Sasson. Their skating features a tasteful blend of classical, technical street skating and more contemporary styles, characterised by mind-boggling slappies which push the boundaries of modern, 'trendy' skating - particularly Samuel Norgren who avoids ollies wherever possible and instead opts for slamming his board into every conceivable slappy variation.

Poetic Collective produce a range of bangin' soft and hard goods including skateboard decks, caps, and beanies, but their crowning achievement is, without a doubt, their incredible range of trousers. While the trouser game is largely dominated by a few brands - like Polar, Carhartt, and Dickies - Poetic Collective are strong new contenders with their diverse lineup of impeccable trou which effortlessly blend fashion and function, boasting life-changing features like elasticated waistbands and numerous utility pockets. With a wide range of styles on offer, including their iconic 'Painter' pant and the double-knee 'Sculptor' pants, Poetic Collective have trousers to suit any occasion.