The Week Today, Now - 22/04/2024

By Dan Bunn


Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Baglady going global, Wes and Tyler in Buenos Aires and a new form of Russian ice skating.

Sima Illarionov skating the ice ramp, photo by Kotov Sasha.
Ice skating if it was cool. Photo by Kotov Sasha.

Join the Baglady boys on tour as they lay waste to spots in London, Valencia, Seoul, Sofia, Paris and more as a prelude to their new full-length coming at the end of the year. They've even got our mate Harry Deane helping out on the tools for an added treat!

Jacob Harris once again brings his distinctive visual flair to the latest Asics offering, backed up by outstanding performances from Okwasi Owusu, Shay Sandiford, Gino Iannucci, Brent Atchley and the rest of their impeccably selected team. They might be new to the game but these guys definitely know what they're doing.

After his incredible 'Skatefilm' from Vladimir Film Fest, Gosha Konyshev and the homies are back with more wintery wizardry as they skate a halfpipe made of solid ice, which still somehow seems less slippery than the bowl in Rampworld. When in Russia, I guess.

Gino Iannucci Backside Tail for Asics, photo by Matt Price
I'd rather watch Gino back tail. Photo by Matt Price.

It doesn't get much better than a Wes Kremer and Tyler Surrey shared part, especially when they're working their magic on a load of immaculate Argentinian spots with Sade on the soundtrack. It's three GOATs for the price of one.

Stussy are back with yet another bangin' edit this week as Diego Todd, Aaron Loreth, Gabe Thompson and the rest of the lads make their way round Miami with Jesse Alba behind the lens.

One for the history nerds: Guy Mariano's been given the Bobshirt treatment with over an hour of lore delving deep into his illustrious past, covering the likes of Video Days, controversial graphics and so much more.

Tyler Surrey in Buenos Aires for Delivery x SK8MAFIA, photo by Ignacio Moressi
Tyler Surrey at work in the streets of Buenos Aires, shot by Ignacio Moressi.

Coming through with an extremely arty new offering, Peter Sutherland combines filming with photography in his new video, 'BOTH', showcasing a wide array of famous faces in an Instagram Reel-friendly portrait format.

Witness Andrew Reynolds, Spanky and Guy Mariano take the new Spitfire 93 Wheels for a test drive around LA to certify their all-terrain capabilities.

Joe Poulter's back with 30 minutes of Bristolian bangers to help raise your hype levels, featuring the likes of Bear Myles, Jay Lentern, Alexander Donlon, Will Riley, Pat Coghlan and many more.

Andrew Reynolds frontside flip.
The new Spitfire 93s pass the frontside flip test with flying colours.
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