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Picture Show produce a range of premium skateboard decks, buy Picture Show skateboards now from CSC, or head to the blog to learn more about the history, art direction, and videography of one of the dopest new brands from one of the world's finest distros.

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More about Picture Show

The latest brand under the legendary Theories of Atlantis distribution, Josh Stewart's Picture Show Studios skateboard brand was created to provide a permanent home for Theories' countless talented skaters. As the name suggests, Picture Show draws inspiration from the glory days of Hollywood, Film Noir, and vintage Americana in their iconic skate videos and bold, film-inspired graphics.

The team boasts countless East Coast legends including Sabotage alumni Kevin Liedtke and Tyler Dietterich; Instagram's finest purveyor of dank memes, Taylor Nawrocki; as well as Moustafa 'Moose' Abrams, John Baragwanath, and Jasper Stieve.

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