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Lakai produce skate shoes, t'shirts, longsleeve tees, hoods, caps and other accessories. Shop for Lakai Footwear at Cardiff Skateboard Club online now and buy today.

Or, head to the blog to find out more about the latest vulc and cupsole skate shoes from Lakai.

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More about Lakai

After leaving longterm sponsor DC Shoes, Mike Carroll and Rick Howard started Lakai Footwear in 1999. The brand quickly became one of the most respected footwear companies in the shoe game. Lakai cemented itself in skate history with probably the most anticipated video of all time, Fully Flared in 2007.

The Lakai team includes Mike and Rick, Vincent Alvarez, Riley Hawk, Tony Hawk Yonnie Cruz, Manchild, Simon Bannerot, Danny Brady, Rick McCrank, Stevie Perez, and Raven Tershy.

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