CSC Skate Team

Meet the CSC team! One of our favourite things about being a skate shop is being able to hook up all our talented mates, take them on skate trips, make their dreams of being in a magazine come true and generally just see them living their best life, so our team is pretty close to our hearts. Over the years we've rounded up a load of the best skaters from Cardiff and across Wales to skate for us, click on the pictures below to find out who they are!

CSC Full Team

The CSC team is represented by an elite crew of highly trained athletes whose skills have been honed on the harsh tiles of Bute Square. Find out a bit more about them below and check out their insta profiles for more good stuff. Give em a follow.

Dylan Hughes

Dylan Hughes, AKA The Huge, is a fully certified legend who's been killing it since he was a foetus, having first joined the DC Shoes team before hitting puberty. You can catch him in a load of classic Welsh videos from over the years - including Dykie's 'Underexposed', Pirate Man's 'Now That's What I Call Skateboarding', and many, many more - and witness him grow from a little shrimp with shoes as big as his head to the finely tuned machine he is today. It's been a long time coming but we're proper hyped to finally have Dylan on the team! 

Fun Fact: Dylan is better than everyone.


Jimmy Silver

One of the best dudes on and off the board, Jim's one of the many CSC Shop Dragons who have migrated to the Big Smoke to find their fortune. He now does a lot of work behind the scenes for Out Of Step, including working with HUF UK and Poler, and he's also recently turned his attention away from mastering unconventional boardslide variations and started filming and editing videos. A man of many talents.

Fun Fact: Jim's better than you at quickscopes.


Jack Steele

Jack Steele, otherwise known as J-Steez, is West Wales' answer to Tom Asta, routinely delivering the cleanest tech this side of the Severn. You've probably seen Jack coasting through mile-long backside tailslides on the @bstails Instagram page, or making everyone else look bad at our CSC Plaza Comps.

Fun fact: Jack was the inspiration for Outkast's song, 'So Fresh, So Clean'.


Conor Charleson

Conor Charleson is probably one of the hardest working skaters in the UK, if not the world. When he's not busy saving turtles, you can find Conor slamming himself into all manner of urban, vertical terrain. He lives by the philosophy of 'everything can be a ramp if you just believe'. Don't be fooled by the tre flip in the photo, Conor is in fact allergic to flipping his board and managed to film an entire part in Dan Magee's instant classic 'Cover Version' despite only popping his board once. Now that's impressive.

Fun Fact: Conor once double flipped a road gap.


Don Irfan

Malaysia's finest export, Don has quickly earned himself a reputation as the people's champ since coming to Cardiff, even winning the highly coveted CSC SOTY award at our 2021 Christmas Party. Don always brings the hype and the hammers in equal measure, so whenever he turns up to the session you know it's gonna be a good one. You can check out an interview with Don over at Skateboarder's Companion if you want his full origin story.

Fun Fact: Don once instantly failed his driving test for not putting his seatbelt on.


Gabe Gorman

Youthful ripper Gabe Gorman just joined the CSC full team and can be relied upon to deliver smooth effortless lines and one of the best kickflips in Wales. He is a comp crusher, and a skatepark destroyer but we're excited to see what he brings to the streets!

Fun Fact: Gabe's little brother is a BMX ripper.


Paul 'PJ' Jenkins

One of Cardiff's finest imports, PJ is one of the few people to come to Cardiff from London, rather than the other way round. Like a broody salmon, London-born PJ decided to swim upstream and leave the Big Smoke in search of greener pastures. Unfortunately for him, he got stuck in Cardiff. We're glad to have him here though, his push alone is enough to make anyone weak at the knees.

Fun Fact: PJ has been known to survive for months on end on a diet solely consisting of lager, fags and jerk chicken patties from SPAR.


Lloyd Houston

Cardiff's most brilliant (or at least most unusual) mind, Lloyd's boundless creativity spreads all the way from his canvas to his skateboard and covers pretty much everything else in between. Whether he's painting mind-boggling masterpieces or navigating never-before-seen lines at the skatepark, it's safe to say that Lloyd just sees things differently. But that's why we love him.

Fun Fact: Lloyd's knees are 99% rubber.


Billy Trick

Although Billy has now spread his wings and flown the nest to find fame and fortune in London (which he actually has managed to do), he still holds a special place in our hearts and on the team. Billy's a high-powered mutant from the depths of Port Talbot who reportedly gained his super-human ability to take slams after falling into a vat of industrial waste. That might not be true, but we do know for sure that he's made out of rubber. If you don't believe us, you can watch his part filmed by Will Miles below, but prepare to be proved wrong.

Fun Fact: I'd rather watch Billy slam.


Ben Rouse

The man with hair as colourful as his trou. Ben is one of CSC's many Rad Dads who can normally be found running laps around Bute Square when he's not busy parenting. His trick selection is as extensive as his collection of colour-coordinated outfits - with Sean being the only person who could give him a run for his money - and you can always tell what season it is by the colour of his hair.

Fun Fact: If you own any CSC tees, there's a good chance they were printed by Ben.


Oscar Evans

The strongest thing to come out of Norfolk since Colman's mustard, Oscar's skating is guaranteed to put hairs on your chest. Since coming to Cardiff, Oscar quickly put the smackdown on a load of Cardiff spots that few others could step to. His skating speaks louder than his words - and his words are spoken very, very loudly.

Fun Fact: Oscar is pittakionophobic.


Ethan Watkins

Trained in the Shaolin temple of Ashmore skatepark, Ethan quickly found his way onto the team after moving to Cardiff from Bridgend for uni. Branded as a cross between Nik Stain and Cyrus Bennett, Ethan skates fast, grinds long and looks bloody good doing it. Although he's since emigrated to South America, he'll always have a place in our hearts.

Fun Fact: Cardiff's best noseslider.


Kev Barry

Kev's a true OG who's got a bag of tricks that's bigger and more eccentric-looking than his beard. After living in Barcelona for a bit, Kev has since returned to Cardiff and has now turned his talents towards skate coaching at the almighty Spit and Sawdust, so you can get top-tier tuition from one of Cardiff's finest. He can probably give you some pointers on the best way to skull a can too.

Fun Fact: Kev's brain is the world's largest repository of obscure Frank Zappa knowledge.

Sean Barnes

Part-time programming wiz, full-time manual magician. When Sean's not busy 'hacking into the mainframe' you can usually find him chilling in a nose manual sporting some form of colour coordinated outfit (of course he's not wearing one in the only photo we could find of him). Sean's one of the most chatty and welcoming dudes out there so if you're feeling lonely and you see him out skating he'll be more than happy to chew your ear off for a bit. 

Fun Fact: Sean is one of the world's only known crazy cat men.


Leo Comanescu

CSC social media master and part-time model for brands we've never heard of, Leo brings big pop with a sprinkling of tech to the CSC team and is one of the best people to have with you at any session. He's been getting a bit of shine in the mags recently as well as in his modelling career but Leo doesn't let anything go to his head. Leo also runs the Fountain brand which drops occasional products when he feels like it.

Fun Fact: Leo is one of the OG CSC lurkers and has been hustling to work for us since he was in school.


CSC Youth Programme

CSC is for the children and so we sponsor a few of the younger skaters who are pushing hard to help them (well, actually their parents) afford to ride new equipment and stuff. We don't do any naughty weirdness like making them sign contracts or deliver social media mentions...that's wack. Keep skateboarding fun. Check em out below.

Noni and Lona

Noni and Lona are sisters you will have seen at loads of UK events and every CSC event. They always bring confidence, fun and style and they are progressing really fast with their skating, We're proud to support them and we look forward to seeing where they take things!

Ru and Jo

Following on the CSC youth programme siblings theme, Ru and Jo are brothers from Penarth who manage to cover all aspects of skateboarding between them! Ru is a tech-lord who has perfect flick and impeccable revert skills, while Jo is a ball of transition-based energy who flows through parks and streets with the style of someone twice his age. Keep an eye out for these guys in the future!

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