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Arguably the most underrated skate brand in the world, Sour Solution are guaranteed to win you over with their unique style of skating and tongue-in-cheek sense of humour.

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Sour Solution, or Sour to mates, rose from the ashes of Sweet Skateboards like a phoenix, after new investors led to most of the team deciding to jump ship and go in their own direction; and skateboarding hasn't been the same since. The team decided on the name, Sour Solution, as it’s the polar opposite of Sweet, with the skaters wanting to distance themselves from their former company which they thought was focusing too much on business and not enough on their passion for skating.

Sour have since migrated from the icy tundra of Sweden to the sunny paradise of Barcelona, where their headquarters are now based, and where they can make the most of the endless spots the city has to offer.Sour produces a wide range of top-quality skateboard goodies, including skateboard decks, tees, pants, and caps - they've even teamed up with New Balance to create the highly sophisticated New Balance Sour Solution 379 Mid.

Manufactured in Europe by HLC, Sour skateboard decks are constructed from 7-ply maple for lasting pop and durability. Their decks are known for their quirky, tongue-in-cheek graphics, which often feature pop-cultural references and poke fun at the riders themselves, or basically anyone who’s done something to deserve it. We’re big believers that skateboarding should never be too serious, so of course we absolutely love Sour’s playful and sarcastic tone.

Although their clothing can sometimes lack some of the humour of their decks, they make up for this through stylish design and high-quality materials. Sour Solution T-shirts are arguably where the brand’s humour is able to shine through the most with many of their tees featuring similar graphics to their decks. The Sour Cargo Pants are some of our best-selling trousers due to their sleek design and loose-fitting style, which makes them a popular choice for pants connoisseurs, as well as the elasticated waistband and cargo pockets providing added functionality - who says you can’t have fashion and function?

Of course, it’s not all about the product though, our favourite thing about Sour Solution has easily gotta be their skating. With the team boasting legends like Barney Page, Simon Isaksson, Albert Nyberg, and Great Helmsman, Gustav Tonnesen, you know any video offering is gonna be mind-blowing. Their self-titled videos, ‘The Sour Solution’, ‘The Sour Solution II’ and now 'The Sour Solution III' are without a doubt some of the most impressive displays of skateboarding ever documented. Their unique brand of skating blends effortlessly stylish manoeuvres with incomprehensible tech, and of course a spattering of their signature humour, for an experience that is truly like no other. If you haven’t seen any of these videos, it looks like you’ve got some catching up to do.

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