Product Spotlight - Butter Goods Q1 '24

By Dan Bunn


Take a closer look at the latest Butter Goods clothing as they treat us to an impeccable selection of new tees, hoods, beanies and more for their Q1 2024 drop.

Continuing on their quest for world domination, Butter Goods are back with their first drop of 2024 and, in typical fashion, it's jam-packed with some of the finest quality clothing you can find in skateboarding. Complete with new graphic tees, real tree camo zip hoods and all-over print beanies, Butter's Q1 24 drop has everything you need to get ready for spring in style.


As always, Butter Goods have come through with a range of top-quality graphic tees for their new Q1 24 drop, drawing on their signature love of music and nature to produce a series of wholesome and stylish new designs.

First up, we've got the new Butter 'Environmental' T-shirt which combines their love for music and nature with the plant-based graphic and 'Environmental Recordings' logo below it. It even comes in a lovely Washed Berry colourway to match.

Also coinciding with the nature theme, we've got the Butter Goods 'Big Apple' T-shirt in Royal Blue, which features a stylish bubble script Butter logo with an additional Bad Apple print on the lower back for that extra flair.

Butter Goods Environmental T-shirt (White) from their Q1 24 collection

Alongside these new graphic tees, the Butter Goods Q1 24 drop also features some new stripe T-shirts in a range of tasteful colourways. Featuring an embroidered 'Butter' logo on the left breast, we've got the new 'Stripe' Tees in Green / White, Forest / Navy, Black / Berry and Ice / Blue to suit any style.


Ticking all the boxes for 2024, the new Butter Goods 'Fabric Applique' Zip Hood in Forest Camo is the ultimate item of clothing to help you stay on trend this year.

The 'Fabric Applique' Zip Hood is a premium cut-and-sew piece featuring an embroidered applique Butter logo on the chest for a luxury aesthetic and 3D finish.

With its full-zip construction and real tree camo design, this new Butter Goods hood is a must-have, whether you're heading out deer hunting or hitting the streets to film a ride-on grind.

But don't worry if a real tree camo zip hood is a bit much for you, we've also got the more traditional Butter Goods 'Environmental' Hood in Cement, which features a pullover construction with the same tasteful 'Environmental Recordings' graphic as the T-shirt.

Butter Goods Fabric Applique Zip Hood (Forest Camo)


Alongside all these premium uppers, Butter's Q1 '24 collection also comes packing some bangin' new Butter Goods jeans with a unique all-over print that's guaranteed to help you make a statement.

The new Butter Goods 'Scorpion' Jeans come in Butter's signature Baggy fit with a woven belt label, custom engraved button and internal waist drawstring to help you get the perfect fit.

Available in Washed Indigo or Washed Black, these eye-catching jeans feature an all-over water-based 'Scorpion' print resulting in a unique look that's textbook Butter Goods.

Butter Goods Scorpion Denim Jeans (Washed Black)


Last but not least, the Butter Goods Q1 2024 collection also packs a solid selection of new beanies with bangin' all-over print graphics to complete the look.

To compliment the 'Big Apple' T-shirt, we've also got the new 'Big Apple' Cuffed Beanie in Black, Green and Grey, which features an all-over 'Big Apple' print with its distinctive bubble script design. 

Likewise, we've also got the Butter Goods 'Scorpion' Beanie which again features a cuffed fit and an all-over Scorpion print alongside a woven Butter clamp label on the cuff. 

The 'Scorpion' Beanie is available in Black, Forest Green or Brown with each colourway featuring a different colour variation for the 'Scorpion' graphic.

Butter Goods Scorpion Beanie (Black) from their Q1 24 collection
That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Butter Goods clothing at CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.