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You could say that when you first start skateboarding, the equipment doesn't really matter too much. All skateboards are fun! However, we also know that not all skateboards are created equally. If you find yourself riding a toy-shop board with stiff trucks, hard wheels and terrible bearings you are going to quickly get tired of it and you will want to upgrade to something decent!

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We don't sell the cheapest skateboards around, we couldn't bring ourselves to do it. If you buy a cheap skateboard it will require complete replacement if you find you enjoy skateboarding and want to develop your skills. We sell skateboards for people who already enjoy skateboarding!

The great thing about buying a decent quality skateboard is that you can take it apart and upgrade or replace only the parts you want to. You will never need to start from scratch again...the trucks and wheels will live on beyond the life of the deck! You can even give other people's skateboards a new lease of life by inheriting wheels or decks from more experienced skaters who replace theirs more often. Check our On Board Cardiff project which recycles used skateboards!

We know it can be difficult getting started, so if you're interested in getting lessons to help you on your skateboarding journey then check out our useful guide to skateboard lessons in Cardiff, which features all the relevant details you'll need to know including location, prices, and times. Otherwise, if you don't fancy formal lessons, just pop into the shop and we'll always be happy to offer any tips and tricks that can get you well on your way to being the next Tony Hawk.

If you're looking for something to get around on rather than doing tricks, while we don't sell longboards, we stock a range of soft wheels that are perfect for cruising round town on and are far more convenient than cumbersome and heavy longboards. No matter what you want from your skateboard, we've got everything you need to get rolling around.

Protection and safety

We sell a range of pads and helmets for all types of skateboarding. We sell kids pad sets and helmets that will offer serious impact protection and adjustable sizing. We also sell adult beginners pads and helmets, as well as serious professional pads for riding the biggest vert ramps!

Trucks? Decks? Vert ramps? I'm lost.

Feeling confused? Don't worry, if you pop in to see us we can explain everything. We can also upgrade 'toy shop' skateboards and make them ride faster and smoother with new bearings and wheels. Come and see us and walk out of the shop with a perfectly tailored skateboard, the right pads, a solid helmet and a couple of free stickers!

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