Founded by legendary skater, Keith 'Huf' Hufnagel (RIP), HUF initially started out as a skate shop specialising in rare skateboarding and streetwear clothing before it branched out into producing their own clothing and footwear. HUF has since become one of the most widely recognisable brands both within skate culture and outside of it - largely due to the popularity of their infamous weed socks. Despite producing their own line of footwear, HUF have since abandoned this line and returned to just producing clothing. 

Despite the unfortunate passing of Keith Hufnagel in 2020, HUF is still going strong and producing visually striking parts that are always a treat. With the team including Dick Rizzo, Jake Anderson, Brad Cromer, and 2020 Skater of the Year Mason Silva, you know they've got the goods to back up even the most stinkin' weed socks colourways.

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