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In the words of Ishod Wair: 'SKF makes bearings for jet engines – so you know their bearings for skateboard wheels are going to be premium'.

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More about SKF Bearings

SKF are the world's largest bearings manufacturer who have specialised in producing high-quality precision bearings for high-end engineering use - including use in jet engines and high-performance cars - since 1907. With over 100 years of experience in the game, SKF's team of experts have now turned their knowledge and expertise towards skateboarding to bless the scene with premium, affordable skateboard bearings.

Founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1907, SKF have put their extensive knowledge to good use by developing top-of-the-range skateboard bearings to keep you rolling smoother and faster for longer. The SKF skateboard bearings have been specially engineered with durability and smoothness in mind, with the use of internal grease helping to reduce friction and keep that pesky dirt out of harm's way.

SKF skateboard bearings boast a respectable ABEC 5 rating, however the quality and precision of the construction is closer to SWISS bearings than your average ABEC 5. SKF are bringing you the quality of SWISS bearings for the price of Bones Super Reds. That's a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

Obviously, being from Sweden, SKF recruited Swedish superstar Oskar Rozenberg to put together a skateboard super team for the ages. Oski rounded up some of the best skaters in the game right now, with the SKF skate team now boasting the presence of Ishod Wair, Kader Sylla, Alexis Sablone, Louie Lopez, and Beatrice Domond. Now that's what you call a team.

For optimal performance, SKF recommend allowing two to three weeks for the bearings to fully break in for the best ride. It's also recommended to warm the bearings up for two to three minutes at the start of each session to allow the grease to get to optimal temperature for ultimate smoothness.

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