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Founded by the two legends behind Butter Goods, Garth Mariano and Matt Evans, Cash Only takes Butter's love for music in a more hip-hop inspired direction with OG 90's street, music, and film culture aesthetics. If you're a fan of baggy jeans, puffy shoes, and stomped tre flips, then Cash Only is the brand for you.

Cash Only offer a wide range of 90s-inspired skate clothing and hardware, including tees, hoods, caps, skateboard decks and more. Shop Cash Only and buy now from CSC!


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More about Cash Only

Initially starting out as the distribution company for Butter Goods, Cash Only began making product under the same name back in 2018 and now produce an extensive range of tees, hoods, jackets, caps, pants, decks, and more. With their name harkening back to those halcyon days when cash was still king, their graphics also pay homage to the golden age of skating and hip-hop.

Much like their clothing, their videos are heavy stylised with a strong 90's aesthetic. Characterised by long lines, saggy pants, and VX1000 footage, their videos will have you thinking you've travelled in a time machine back to 1994. As you can probably imagine, the team features plenty of 90's revivalists including Philly Santosuosso, Adilson Pedro, and Brian Wenning's long lost son, Aleka Lang.

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