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The Heated Wheel is the latest brand from the desk of legendary skater and artist, Neil Blender. Having founded Alien Workshop alongside Mike Hill and Chris Carter all the way back in 1990, it’s safe to say Blender knows what he’s doing when it comes to starting a skate brand, so expectations are undoubtedly high for his latest venture. 

We stock a wide range of The Heated Wheel skateboard decks, Polarizers, clothing, and caps. Buy The Heated Wheel from CSC today, or have a read at the bottom of the page to find out more about Neil Blender's new brand!


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More about The Heated Wheel

Seeing as Blender was reportedly one of the first skaters to design his own board graphics, it’s no surprise that all of The Heated Wheel’s decks feature Neil Blender’s artwork. From hand-painted artwork to his iconic cartoon style, The Heated Wheel skateboard decks are as varied as they are bangin’.

As well as having a wide selection of graphics, The Heated Wheel have also come through with a range of different shaped decks to satisfy all your old-school needs. Ranging from standard popsicles to more outrageous old-school shapes, The Heated Wheel have got you covered whether you’re looking for a car park curb crusher or a technical street plank.

As if the shaped decks weren’t old-school enough, The Heated Wheel also make their own line of ‘60’s inspired decks. The decks - dubbed ‘Polarizers’ due to the fact that most people will either love them or hate them - typically feature a convex top layer (rather than the usual concave), although Peter Hewitt’s model is completely flat, which helps allow you to carve into turns more. Kind of like an old-school slalom board. These decks are designed to fitted with rollerskate trucks, based on the origins of the first ever skateboards, but you can get away with using Independent 109s if you have to. You even have to drill your own boltholes for ultimate wheelbase customisation. What more could you want?

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