Product Spotlight - Helas Clothing Spring '24

By Dan Bunn


Check out the latest Helas clothing as they come through with a range of new caps, T-shirts and sweatpants to help you get ready for Spring.

Coming in hot with a load of bangin' new designs, the latest batch of Helas clothing has got a little something for everyone, including a new Camel Cigarettes-inspired T-shirt, stripey longsleeves, timeless caps and of course some ultra-tech sweatpants. As always, all their clothing is of the finest quality for that high-grade European finish that you expect from anything associated with the GOAT, Lucas Puig.


Without a doubt the standout design from the collection (at least if you smoke), the new Helas 'Ciggy' T-shirt pays homage to a true legend of the tobacco marketing game, Joe Camel. 

This Camel Cigarettes inspired design reimagines Old Joe with a stylish Helas cap, smoking a ciggy in a crowd of umbrellas with that vintage Camel aesthetic that's impossible not to love.

But don't worry if you're trying to quit, the drop also features the new 'Horizon' Longsleeve T-shirt with a timeless stripey design for a more sophisticated, less addictive look.

Helas Ciggy T-shirt (Black)


In typical Helas fashion, their Spring '24 collection features some brand new, high-tech sweatpants for that sweet sportswear aesthetic.

The new 'Raid' sweatpants come in a sleek black colourway with stylish green bands around the legs for additional flavour.

For that high-tech finish, the 'Raid' sweatpants also feature sleek zipped pockets on the front and rear for added security when you're out skating, as well as an embroidered umbrella logo for some tasteful branding.

Helas Raid Tracksuit (Black)


Last but not least, it wouldn't be a Helas drop without some new caps and of course the lads have delivered a load of straight bangers, both of which feature a timeless 6 panel construction and adjustable strapback closure with an embossed umbrella on the buckle.

Both the new 'Droma' Cap and 'Sahara' Cap feature tasteful embroidered graphics with an Arabic theme, with the 'Droma' Cap featuring a camel-based logo while the 'Sahara' graphic takes inspiration from sand dunes.

Helas Droma Cap (Green)
That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Helas clothing at CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.