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Thanks For Making 2020 A Bit Better

Thanks For Making 2020 A Bit Better

With Christmas just gone, and we’re fully in the season of love and good will and all that nonsense, we thought that now would be a good time to re...
Hockey Q3 Now In Store

Hockey Q3 Now In Store

Brand spanking new Hockey Skateboards Q3 collection has just landed in the shop, with graphics featuring children smoking, Freddy Krueger, and plenty of Terminator 2 inspiration - this drop is edgier than a Gillette razor
Wossappenin' - December 2nd

Wossappenin' - December 2nd

Berle channels Dylan Rieder; Snelling makes grime hesh; and Brandon Turner shows age is just a number. This week has been a veritable all-you-can-e...

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What is cardiff skateboard club?

Our story

The CSC Store is the only independent skateboard shop in Cardiff. We have been around a while now, since about 2008 or something. We are not really a club, but we also are kind of a club. You can't join as such, but we still want you to join us in having fun on your skateboard, wearing skate clothes, caring about shoes too much, waxing curbs, and stuff like that. We started our little shop when Cardiff's famous City Surf bit the dust and we hope we can be half as good as they were.

What more can we say?

We're here for you if you skate or not...come and buy something or just lurk and watch vids. When you shop at CSC you are giving your money to skateboarders who live and skate in Cardiff, and helping to support the scene in South Wales. Keep it real, shop local and support real skate shops!