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Dive into the past with Cardiff Skateboard Club's vintage and dead stock collection, featuring rare skate clothing from the past!
If you have a supply of archive skate gear that you'd like to sell, get in touch.

We are adding new items every week, keep checking back!

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CSC Skate Store

A selection of skate goods, clothing and footwear that will bring profound and lasting joy to your life.

Come find us at 13 Church Street, Above Bacareto, Cardiff, CF10 1BG

Open Monday to Saturday - 10AM 'til 5:30PM
Sunday - 12PM 'til 4PM

Cardiff Skateboard Club (CSC) is an independent UK skate shop that was established in 2016 after the demise of City Surf, the legendary Cardiff shop that started in 1986.

Cardiff Skateboard Club started as a loose collective of skaters who wanted to bring the city’s skate scene together through running fun events and talking rubbish on the CSC blog. We never became a big deal, but it’s been useful to have a skater run group for things like talking to the council about facilities, organising contests, doing Go Skate Days and stuff like that.

We try to put a lot back into the scene by helping to support local skaters including the CSC team, working with Spit and Sawdust and On Board Cardiff to promote what they do, and just generally waxing stuff, dragging ramps around the city and trying to keep it fun for everyone.

We are not a big business, we are a small shop that just tries to make enough to keep the lights on, keep paying skaters to work here, and keep doing events and having fun. We really appreciate every penny you choose to spend with us, we’re sorry we can’t be the cheapest or have the most stock, but we try to sell only really good stuff that you’ll be happy to own.

If you are buying a skateboard in person, in Cardiff, we think our shop is the best choice for good advice, having it properly set up and gripped, and getting the best board for you, whether you are brand new to it, getting back into it, or a fully committed lifer! Come join us, we’re upstairs at 13 Church Street.

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