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Here at CSC, we stock a wide range of Dickies clothing including pants, shorts, and socks. We offer a range of trouser styles including the classic 874 which features a timeless straight-leg fit, as well as the slimmed down Dickies Slim Straight 873 for those sleek Dylan Rieder vibes, and, my personal favourite, the Double Knee 283 work trousers, which feature reinforced knees for added durability, as well as their widest fit for premium sag.

While Dickies is traditionally a workwear company - making some of the finest workwear since 1922 - the brand's trousers have been adopted by skaters worldwide due to their amazing quality and durability. Their signature blend of cotton and polyester makes their trousers extremely lightweight and ultra hard-wearing, making them perfect for withstanding the stresses of skating. As well as being highly durable, Dickies trousers offer both wrinkle- and stain-resistance so you can stay looking fresh for longer, without having to get Mumsy to wash and iron your trousers for you.

Dickies trousers are a staple within skate culture, whether you're a trendy Cherry-era Sean Pablo clone or a crusty old bowl skater, their timeless style transcends age and trends making them perfect for any occasion. They can even double up as formal trousers for weddings or job interviews, as long as you keep them clean enough.

In response to the brand's legendary status within the skateboarding community, Dickies have since expanded their range to include skateboard-dedicated trousers and styles, as well as hiring a team of professional skaters to represent the brand. The team now features legends such as Tom Knox, Jamie Foy, and Ronnie Sandoval. Dickies have more than earned their place in the skate scene and it's great to see them finally embrace skateboarding. Make sure to check out their latest video 'Loose Ends' for some delicious Tom Knox footage, you won't regret it.

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