Product Spotlight - Clown City of God Decks

By Dan Bunn


Check out the new Clown City of God collection which features a range of limited edition decks celebrating the 21st anniversary of the critically-acclaimed film.

Clown Skateboards have teamed up with acclaimed London-based creative agency, AllCityX, to pay tribute to one of the most legendary films to ever come out of South America: 'City of God'. This super limited collection is being released with the permission of the owners and distributors of the film, Wild Bunch and The Festival Agency, to celebrate the film's 21st anniversary and to coincide with its theatrical re-release meaning these Clown City of God decks are a must-have for any film buffs.

Set in the eponymous Cidade de Deus suburb of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, 'City of God' depicts the rise of organised crime in the favela between the late 1960s and early 1980s and the cycle of violence that followed. The film offers a raw depiction of life in the favelas and the struggles faced by residents trying to escape the violence, with the film being loosely based on real events and many of the actors coming from the favelas themselves.

To honour the spirit of the film, proceeds from these Clown City of God decks will go to the Cidade de Deus Skate-Arte group to help support community action in the heart of the Brazilian favelas where the film was made, because we all know Clown are all about giving back to the community. Likewise, the Clown City of God decks are made with sustainability in mind, using maple from areas under a forest conservation law which aims to maintain and regenerate biodiversity as well as recycling all of their waste products to help give back to the planet.


Coming in hot with two bangin' new graphics, the Clown City of God collection combines Clown's unique visuals with iconography and characters from the film to pay tribute to this certified cinematic masterpiece.

First up, the Clown City of God 'Clown Z' Deck features one of the film's most iconic and brutal characters, Li'l Zé, who rises from a ruthless little kid to ruling the favela's drug empire.

The Clown City of God 'Clown Z' deck comes in a range of sizes, from 8.25" to 8.5", and features various symbols from the film, including bullets, a camera and the Christ the Redeemer statue alongside an iconic shot of a young Li'l Zé. 

Of course Clown have added their own twist by giving him clown hair - which would probably end up with someone getting shot if the character saw this.

Clown All City X City of God Z Deck


Alongside the 'Clown Z' deck, the Clown City of God collection also includes the 'Reefeemer' deck which features an image of the Christ the Redeemer statue surrounded by reefers alongside other iconography from the film, including cameras and guns.

The Clown City of God 'Reefeemer' Deck comes in an 8.625" width and Clown's 'Past The Classic Popsicle' shape, featuring a rounded nose and squared-off tail for a fun twist on the standard popsicle shape that can still hold its own in the streets.

Clown All City X City of God Reefeemer Deck
That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Clown City of God decks at CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.