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More about Alcohol Blanket

Alcohol Blanket produce clothing that is built for skaters and features some really dope graphics and logo treatments. Spewed out of the mind of Ollie Lock, Alcohol Blanket is a UK brand that is big on fun and low on taking yourself too seriously.

Characterised by humorous references to popular culture, Alcohol Blanket are known for their stylish yet quirky graphics which pay tribute to popular films and celebrities from yesteryear. Whether it's classic horror films or Patrick Swayze romances, Alcohol Blanket's clothing possesses a universal appeal that draws compliments from all walks of life, from local lads in the pub to your mum's mates.

Since we started stocking Alcohol Blanket at CSC it's been a big hit with everyone. We always look forward to getting the latest drop and seeing where they're going to take influence from for their new designs. If you can't quite place where you know their graphics from you should definitely keep an eye on the Alcohol Blanket instagram for further clues.

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