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One of the newest brands to hit our shelves, There Skateboards took the skate world by storm recently with their first full-length video, 'Ruining Skateboarding'. Distributed under the legendary DLX distribution, There are dedicated to shaking up the skate industry by providing a platform for the under-represented LGBTQ+ skate community.

Closely linked to the queer skate brand/community group, Unity, There split off from Unity to act as a more traditional skate brand with a full team while Unity acts more as a non-profit community group with less of an emphasis on specific skaters and selling boards. Their visual identity is strongly centred around the artwork of skate-artist extraordinaire, Jeff Cheung, with his distinctive approach to representing intimacy and the human form featuring in both their videos and graphics.

The team features countless LGBTQ+ legends including Marbie, Kien Caples, Chandler Burton, James Pitontak, Jessyka Bailey, Leo Ba√Īuelos, and many, many more. With a massive variety of both gender identities and styles of skateboarding represented, There's videos are some of the most unique that have ever been seen in the skate scene - and according to editor/skater, Leo Banuelos, 'Ruining Skateboarding' is 'arguably the gayest skate video' ever, which is a pretty sick accolade.

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