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Helas clothing features caps, socks, track-suits, fancy jackets, sportswear, t-shirts, hoodies and much more. They always add a little 'je ne sais quoi' to their clobber which makes it stand out from the crowd!

More about Hélas

Helas was born from the mind of legendary Frenchman, short-shorts pioneer, and general connoisseur of all things steezy, Lucas Puig. Originally Helas only offered hats. Helas caps, including their signature 5 panel sporty number, are still super popular but they have expanded to offer a wide range of Helas clothing and soft-goods covering you for all bases from sporting activities to nights out at swanky restaurants.

Helas Caps and Headwear

Helas are originally and probably still best know for caps. They have blessed us with some premium caps that always go a step beyond the headwear offered by their competitors. Their latest offerings, like the Helas 'Surface' 5 Panel Cap, feature an unstructured 5-panel construction with a soft flat peak and adjustable woven strap with plastic rail closure for the optimal fit. What makes Helas caps stand out though are the added extras, like additional mesh side panels for added breathability to keep your head cool while skating in the sun.

Whether it's a new tee, a nautical-themed cap, or some Lucas Puig-esque swimming trunks, Helas have got everything you need.

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Helas Tees

While Helas have been keeping things pretty classy with their T-shirt graphics recently, they've flipped it on their head this time with a light-hearted new design that you're probably gonna find extremely relatable. The Helas 'Buoy' T-Shirt comes in Black or Cobalt and features both a chest and back print depicting a cheeky looking chap lounging in an upside down umbrella and sipping what I'm gonna imagine is a rum and coke, alongside a pretty futuristic new Helas logo. I dunno about you but I think I need to be more like this guy.

Alongside the caps, Helas have got some new clothing offerings to get you kitted up up for summer flexing. The Helas 'Palmelas' tee is an especially summery offering (except for the fact it's a longsleeve) with the graphic reenvisioning Helas' iconic umbrella logo in the shape of a palm tree as both a chest and back print. This subtle logo is the perfect choice if you're not a fan of obnoxious branding.

Carrying on their tradition of incorporating classical artwork in their graphics, the Helas 'Icare' T-Shirt features imagery from an iconic French painting. The graphic is a reimagining of the 'Fall of Icarus' by Merry-Joseph Blondel - an oil painting found on the ceiling of the Rotunda of Apollo in the Louvre Museum in Paris - with the painting appearing in the shape of Helas' classic umbrella logo as both a chest and back print. A seriously decadent design to flaunt your intellectual prowess.

As always, the latest Helas drop also packs some bangin' new graphic tees to brighten up your wardrobe. First up, the Helas 'Disco' T-Shirt is an instant classic with its timeless, retro aesthetic. Available in a black colourway, the artwork features a large chest print with a couple dancing on a Helas logo in a bangin' art deco style.

Alongside the 'Disco' T-Shirt, Helas have also blessed us with the new 'Chak' T-Shirt. The Helas 'Chak' T-shirt pays tribute to R&B legend, Chaka Khan, by reimagining the iconic artwork from her fifth studio album, 'I Feel For You', which basically means they just took the artwork and slapped a Helas logo on it. Whether you're a Chaka fan or not, it's safe to say this one's a banger.

Helas Caps and Beanies

Of course, Helas Caps Club always come through with some premium headwear offerings to protect ya head from those nasty solar rays. The Helas 6 panel cap is a straight-up classic in a timeless dad-hat style. Featuring a 6-panel construction and a curved peak, this stylish number offers maximum shade for your eyes making it perfect for skating in the midday sun or lounging on the beach. If you're after a clean, minimalist cap then look no further than this sleek offering which comes in different colourways and styles each season.

The premium lightweight 5-panel is a cap that's specially designed to keep your head feeling (and looking) as cool as possible. The Helas 'Hiding' 5 panel cap features an unstructured 5-panel construction with a nylon upper and flat peak with a stylish trim. The main feature of this cap is the mesh side panels which offer premium ventilation to maximise breathability so you can keep skating for longer without your head absolutely dripping.

Each Winter you can rely on Helas to drop some beanies for when it's absolutely baltic outside. The Helas beanie features a tastefully classic cuffed fit.

Helas Swimming Trunks

If there's one brand that perfectly captures the vibe of summer, it's gotta be Helas. I mean it's helmed by short-shorts pioneer and general summer lover, Lucas Puig, so it's no surprise that Helas clothing seems more suited to lounging on a beach in the south of France than skating a dreary British street.

Over the years Helas have blessed us with possibly the most tech swimming shorts to ever exist, but what else would you expect from them? Helas shorts are jam-packed with life-improving details that are guaranteed to get you hyped, from zipped pockets to an internal stash pocket, everything you need for a day lounging on the beach. Can't guarantee the stash pocket will keep your stuff dry while you're swimming though so someone might have to take the hit and test it out.

Helas Tracksuits

Of course Helas can be relied upon to come through with tasteful new tracksuits to keep you all warm and cosy. Tracksuit-sporting tech wizards is pretty much Helas' trademark so you know they had to bring their goods. From hoods and sweat pants to full trackside athlete nylon numbers, Heals brings the sporty heat.

Helas 'Ultimo' Hood (Black) - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

We're big fans of the full tracksuit aesthetic, but if that ain't your vibe you can always rock each piece individually and still look dope.

Helas Fleece

In recent years we've seen seasonal Fleece drop from Helas too. Made from heavy duty fleece with a 100% fleece upper and features including a mesh lining for added wind resistance making it perfect for those chilly evening street sessions. Of course every item also gets some signature Helas embellishments, like an embroidered umbrella chest logo, snazzy knotted zippers and great colourways.

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