Collection: Glue

Founded by the extremely powerful trinity of Cher Strauberry, Leo Baker, and Stephen Ostrowski, Glue is a queer-centric skate brand with some serious attitude. Known for their stylish video offerings and graphics which blend the cute with the brutal, Glue Skateboards isn’t your average skate brand.

With a heavy emphasis on inclusivity (don’t worry, their crew also features straight people before you complain about ‘double standards’), Glue’s all about skating with the homies, stacking clips, and having a good time. Not satisfied with simply improving representation, Glue aim to smash down the walls within the skate scene to help create their own space and pave the way for future generations of queer and non-binary skaters.

The team features a wide selection of legends, including Leo Baker, Cher Strauberry, Stephen Ostrowski, Akobi Williams, Trish McGowan, Ellias Kitt, Donovan Wildfong, Kanin Garner, and Cooper Winterson, but their videos always feature a heavy presence of all their other homies. Definitely recommend checking out their recent video, 'wick & spit', to see what they're all about.