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Premium skater-owned wheel company straight out of the UK, Sabbath Wheels are one of the most exciting new wheel brands in the game. We stock a range of premium skateboard wheels from Sabbath in a bunch of shapes and sizes, from the OG Slims to the chunky Conicals all the way from 52mm to 58mm.

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More about Sabbath

One of the newest skateboard wheel companies in the game, Sabbath are coming in hot with their spooky, gothic-themed wheels. As the name would suggest, Sabbath Wheels draws heavily on the occult, with a load of bangin' woodcut-style graphics inspired by various aspects of folklore and mythology.

Their wheels are made from their signature All Terrain Urethane (ATU) formula which has been specially designed for versatility and durability. Whether you're cruising in the park or going hard in the streets, the ATU formula guarantees grip when you need it and the perfect slide on command. Plus, they're flatspot resistant and guaranteed to be 'FAST AS FUCK'. What more could you want?

To make it even better, Sabbath is a skater-owned brand straight out of the UK. Founded by one of the UK's finest photographers, Rob Whiston, the team features a bunch of other UK legends, including Craig 'Questions' Scott, Jordan Lightowler, Colin Adam, and Dean Greensmith. Rumour has it then even hooked up R Peej with a set too.

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