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Vert skating is one of those areas where skateboarding truly becomes an extreme sport. If you're going to start skating 12 foot high ramps and trying to blast airs and grinds at full speed, it might be worth upgrading your kit to match the terrain!

We helped fund Cardiff's first vert ramp in 20 years at Spit and Sawdust skatepark, and if you want to try it for yourself come and get kitted out with us first!

Vert Skating Equipment 101

There's more to being a vert skater than just having smelly kneepads and wearing a helmet. If you are going to take it seriously you need to consider getting the right equipment for the job. Wider boards, wider trucks, firmer truck rubbers and bigger wheels can help you to progress faster, and the right protective equipment will keep you safe when you fall. We sell everything you need to build the perfect vert board and we can pad you up from toes to nose with the best gear around.

Vert Skating Wheels

Bigger, harder, and faster than street wheels, vert skaters generally ride wheels of at least 56mm and sometimes over 60mm. Back in the 80s the race to create the perfect vert wheel saw Powell release the frankly ridiculous 67mm 'T-Bones' and Santa Cruz followed up with 66m 'Bullet 66s'. These days, things are less gimmicky and more focused on real performance.

If you're on a budget, grab any set of skateboard wheels in a size of 56mm or above. This will give you the speed you need to handle bigger transitions!

Moving up the quality ladder, we can definitely recommend Santa Cruz OJ wheels, which are the modern evolution of the 80s OJII Elites. You can get these in bigger sizes and they are truly fast and work great on vert!

We would also strongly recommend Spitfire Formula 4s which come in sizes up to 60mm for maximum all-out vert speed and guaranteed 10 foot airs*.

*10 foot airs not guaranteed.

Vert Skating Trucks

When it comes to vert, unless you're under 12 or under 5 feet tall, you will probably want to skate a deck that is well in excess of 8" wide. That means you'll need to trucks to match, and we have a few recommended options.

Independent trucks are legendary, they come in all the vert friendly configurations you could ever want and they are even available in ultra-high spec Titanium if money is no object.

Thunder are lightweight, very high quality, and have a unique alloy formula that gives them a different grind to Indies. A lot of people swear by Thunders and enjoy their somewhat more stable geometery which is pretty confidence-inspiring when you're going fast.

Ace trucks are one of the turniest trucks on the market and have been designed for transition skating first and foremost. They absolutely rule and are very popular with vert skaters.

Vert Skating Decks

When it comes to getting the right deck to skate vert, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, your vert board is likely to be bigger than a typical street skateboard. Vert decks are often both longer and wider to give you a longer wheelbase and more space for your feet. Long tails, shaped decks, and deeper concave are also common.

Take a look at some of our wider and shaped decks here.

Pads and Helmets

The final piece of the puzzle when it comes to vert skating kit if the protection you need to wear. You might be able to get away without elbow pads and wrist guards once you get the hang of it, but while you're learning we advise padding yourself up as much as you can manage! A helmet is a must, knee-pads are essential for learning to bail, and elbow pads and wrist-guards can help you slide out of almost anything.

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