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Anti Hero produce decks, completes, tees, hoods, jackets, hats and more. Shop for AntiHero skateboard decks and complete skateboards and buy online now at Cardiff Skateboard Club.


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More about Anti Hero

Created by Julian Stranger, Anti Hero is one of skateboarding's greatest and most respected companies. Known for their hair-raising, high-octane antics - like Sean Young's legendary hill bomb in the rain from their video, 'Fucktards' - it's safe to say Antihero always bring the hype.

Known colloquially as the 18 (based on the numerical positions of 'A' and 'H' in the alphabet), Antihero are regularly considered to be 'your favourite skater's favourite skate brand' thanks to their iconic videos and aesthetic. I mean you can't really beat John Cardiel charging round a bowl to Bad Brains (if you haven't seen it, Antihero's 'Cash Money Vagrant' video is a must-watch).

With the Anti Hero team boasting all-time legends like Brian Anderson, John Cardiel, Grant Taylor, Frank Gerwer, Daan Van Der Linden, Chris Pfanner and more, there's no doubt that Antihero is one of the best skate brands of all time.

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