Product Spotlight - Sci-Fi Fantasy Spring '24

By Dan Bunn


Jerry Hsu's beloved Sci-Fi Fantasy skate brand are back with a fresh batch of goodies for you to enjoy, including brand new pro decks and top-quality clothing featuring their distinctive flavour of esoteric imagery.

Continuing their tradition of bizarre yet captivating visuals, Sci-Fi Fantasy have worked their magic once again with their new Spring 2024 collection, delivering bangin' anime-inspired T-shirts, sleek corporate aesthetics and new pro boards for Ryan Lay, Arin Lester and Corey Glick. Some of the graphics may leave you feeling confused, but at least they made you feel something, right?


Kicking things off with a fresh selection of premium wood, we've got new Sci-Fi Fantasy decks for all your favourite pros, including Ryan Lay, Arin Lester and Corey Glick.

As always, the latest Sci-Fi Fantasy decks feature a variety of weird and wonderful graphics, like the surreal 'Ryan Lay Portal of Riza' Deck, the haunting 'Corey Glick Portrait' Deck with artwork from Adam Alessi and the oddly mundane 'Arin Lester Helmet' Deck.

But don't worry if you're after something a bit more straightforward as the drop also features the Sci-Fi Fantasy 'Endless Beauty' Deck with its tasteful woodstain and large Sci-Fi Fantasy logo making it an instant classic.

Sci-Fi Fantasy Skateboard Decks Spring 2024


As always, the crazy graphics aren't just limited to the decks and the latest Sci-Fi Fantasy T-shirts feature similarly wacky designs, ranging from dancing court jesters to slick corporate aesthetics.

On the corporate side of things, we've got the Sci-Fi Fantasy 'Sports' T-shirt and the 'Generic Tech' T-shirt which both feature sleek typography-based graphics.

Sci-Fi Fantasy Sports T-shirt (Navy)

But don't worry if you're after something a bit more unusual, the drop also features the creepy 'Leaking Eyes' T-shirt with artwork based on the 1980s anime, 'Maryuu Senki', as well as the whimsical 'Jester's Privilege' Tee.

Staying true to the Sci-Fi name, the drop also includes the new 'Ripley' Longsleeve T-shirt which features a picture of Sigourney Weaver and Carrie Henn as Ellen Ripley and Newt from cult Sci-Fi horror film, 'Alien'.

Sci-Fi Fantasy Leaking Eyes T-shirt (Black)


Alongside the T-shirts, the drop also features a new Sci-Fi Fantasy hoodie with its quirky, corporate-inspired graphic.

The Sci-Fi Fantasy 'Tech Support' Hood features a large chest print depicting your average tech support worker, equipped with an oversized spanner, tool box and hard hat for safety. It's a dangerous job after all.

On top of this, the 'Tech Support' Hood also features a small email address-inspired print on the back of the neck for some additional flavour.

It's not just about looks though as Sci-Fi Fantasy have used the finest quality, heavyweight hoods, complete with reinforced nickel eyelets and and adjustable drawstring fleece-lined hood for a premium finish.

Sci-Fi Fantasy Tech Support Hood (Black)


Last but definitely not least, Jerry Hsu and the gang have finished off their Spring 2024 collection with an unbelievable selection of new Sci-Fi Fantasy caps.

Coming through with a range of fresh styles and colourways, Sci-Fi have always been known for their impeccable hat selection and this latest drop may just be their best yet.

If you're into their classic logo caps, we've got the new Sci-Fi Fantasy 'Nylon Logo' Cap in a range of stylish two-tone colourways, including Natural, Green and Black.

Likewise, we've also got the new 'Global Design Trends' Cap in Black, Ember or Navy, which features a similar typography-based design with the 'Global Design Trends' variation on the classic Sci-Fi logo.

Sci-Fi Fantasy Global Design Trends Cap (Ember)

Alternatively, if you're looking for something a bit different, the drop also features the new Sci-Fi Fantasy 'Flying Rose' Cap with its corduroy construction and adorable embroidered artwork, which comes in either Black, Brown or Orange colourways.

Finally, we've also got the sporty 'Fast Stripe' Cap in Green, Purple and Charcoal with its timeless, baseball-inspired, pin-stripe upper and embroidered Sci-Fi logo. Sci-Fi may be for nerds but the 'Fast Stripe' cap is sure to earn you some respect from the jocks.

Sci-Fi Fantasy Flying Rose Cap (Brown)
That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Sci-Fi Fantasy decks and clothing at CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.