Real Street Easter Edit Comp 2024 - The Results

By Dan Bunn


The results are in! Check out all the submissions from our Real Street Easter Edit Comp 2024 and find out who's taking home the glory.

CSC Real Street Easter Edit Comp 2024 Results

First off, we wanna give a big shoutout to everyone who entered. It's always a treat seeing what everyone's been cooking up and we've been treated to some seriously high quality offerings this time around, which can't have been easy given the disappointingly (but unsurprisingly) wet Easter we've had.

As promised, we've got an incredible prize lined up for the winner as well as consolation goodies for the runners-up so make sure to send us an email or drop us a DM via Instagram to claim your reward. That's enough chit-chat though, scroll down to check out all the edits and find out who took home the glory!



Slams, makes and a Tony Hawk Pro Skater-esque soundtrack, this one's got it all. Beca demonstrates unparalleled mastery of the Spit and Sawdust bowl and brings the creativity with a hectic hippy jump through a barrier. A solid effort from the youth!


Starting out with a wholesome day at the beach - complete with a Boofy's chippy tea, cursed merry-go-round characters and gale force winds - before heading back for a rave at Bute, Dylan's managed to cram a whole load of vibes into just under three minutes with top-tier editing to rival Gifted Hater. Who doesn't love a day out at Barry?


Wait, hold up. Is it 2024 or 1994? Caleb Stockton and the boys have brought some seriously old school vibes in their short-but-sweet edit hitting up a load of Cardiff's most iconic spots, including Sports Cafe and Bute Square. Gabe's kickflip down Sports is no joke.



When the video starts with Ninja dropping straight wisdom you know you're in for a good time and Osian definitely delivers an edit that matches this world-class intro. Featuring impeccable song selection and an all-star lineup of Cardiff's finest, this three-and-a-half minute banger packs a serious punch and was a unanimous favourite among the judges.

Osian's been putting in some serious work behind the lens recently so be sure to check out his new project, Episode LTD, for more of the good stuff.

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