Product Spotlight - Thrasher Magazine June 2024 (Issue #527)

By Dan Bunn


Get a closer look at what's inside Thrasher Magazine Issue #527 as Kader Sylla lands his first ever Thrasher cover with a hectic switch frontside flip.

Coming in hot with a new issue for June 2024, we've got the latest copy of Thrasher Magazine for you to enjoy, featuring all the latest gossip from the skateboarding world. As always Thrasher Magazine Issue #527 is full to the brim with photos, features, interviews and more featuring all your favourite faces from across the globe. We don't take blasphemy lightly but there's a reason that Thrasher Magazine's known as The Bible.

On the cover of the Thrasher Magazine June 2024 issue, we've got everyone's favourite child prodigy/prolific weed smoker/golf enthusiast, Kader Sylla, with his first ever Thrasher cover. Kader managed to put down the nine iron long enough to stomp this monster switch frontside flip in New York City, with Ben Colen capturing the moment. Maybe we're being overly optimistic but surely this means he's got a (long overdue) part coming our way some time soon?! Please Kader, we're begging you!


For their June 2024 issue, Thrasher Magazine have once again delivered the goods, bringing you a fresh load of features and interviews to help shed light on the inner workings of your favourite skaters' minds.

Thrasher Magazine Issue 527 features a new interview with SF-based Floridian, Jereme Knibbs, as he spills the beans on touring with Lil Wayne, childhood difficulties and getting his black belt in Taekwondo.

Likewise, we've also got an interview with Toy Machine's resident rail chomper and SLS superstar, Braden Hoban, featuring a load of bangin' photography by Tim Aguilar shot while on the road over the last few years alongside some surprising political discourse

Thrasher Magazine June 2024 Issue 527 Jereme Knibbs Interview

Alongside these two in-depth interviews, the Thrasher Magazine June 2024 issue also features some hilarious quotes from Franky Spears, a behind-the-scenes look at the Vans crew on tour in Australia and so much more.

As an added bonus for the art fans, Thrasher Magazine Issue 527 also includes a new Canvas feature with Chris 'Cookie' Colbourn which showcases a load of his vibrant and colourful artwork to give us a closer look at another side of the man's boundless creativity.

Thrasher Magazine June 2024 Issue 527 Chris Colbourn Canvas

Of course, Thrasher Magazine Issue 527 also features all the usual departments we all know and love, including the Mail, Firing Line, Abnormal Communication, Zounds and a new People I've Known with the one and only Anthony Van Engelen.

They've even got you covered if reading ain't your thing with a load of pretty pictures for you to flick through, including photography from some of the biggest names in skateboarding, as well as some of the finest adverts you'll ever see.

Whether you're a die-hard Thrasher collector or just looking for something new to peruse while you're taking a dump, Thrasher Magazine Issue 527 has got you covered. Grab yourself a copy below!

Thrasher Magazine June 2024 Issue 527 Anthony Van Engelen People I
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