Product Spotlight - Closer Skateboard Magazine Issue 7

By Dan Bunn


Find out everything you need to know about what's inside the latest issue of Closer Skateboard Magazine as we give you a Closer look into Issue #7.

The thinking man's skate mag, Closer Skateboard Magazine, is back with another new issue and as always its jam-packed full of the finest skateboard content you could ever hope to consume. From old school legends to modern classics, Closer Skateboard Magazine Issue #7 has a little something for everyone with a range of articles, interviews, features and more to satisfy your inner skate nerd.

Gracing the cover of Closer Skate Mag Issue #7, we've got Polar Skate Co prodigy, Emile Laurent, with a hectic handrail noseslide in LA, shot by serial cover collector, Matt Price. However, that's not all as Closer Skateboard Magazine Issue #7 once again doubles down on the covers with a bangin' photo of Jim Greco's back 3 at JKWON from his 'Baker Has A Deathwish 2' part on the back for that extra bang for your buck.

Closer Skateboard Magazine Issue 7 Back Cover: Jim Greco Backside 360


When it comes to Closer Skateboard Magazine it's what's inside that counts and, as always, Closer Issue #7 is packed with all the industrial strength skate nerdery you could ever hope for.

New for this issue, Closer Skateboard Magazine Issue #7 features a whole load of NBD interviews and features to keep you entertained, including an interview with Chris Carter about the origins of Alien Workshop; Farran Golding chatting to Paul Young about his recent video, 'Down By Law'; and an art feature with Ed Syder (who also designed our iconic 'Lords' graphic) featuring his reimagined classic skate video posters.

]Closer Skateboard Magazine Issue 7 Chris Carter Alien Workshop Interview

Alongside all of this, of course Closer Skateboard Magazine Issue 7 also features the return of all your favourite recurring features with a fresh selection of all-time greats.

Closer Issue #7 sees Steve Caballero getting the 'First Things First' treatment; Chris Rice once again nerding out on a load of old school decks; a fresh Chromeball interview, this time with the one and only Brian Anderson spilling the beans alongside a special intro by Frank Gerwer; and a new Clyde Singleton rant about all the things that need to stop in 2024.

]Closer Skateboard Magazine Issue 7 Chris Carter Alien Workshop Interview

But don't worry if all that reading sounds like too much hard work because Closer Skateboard Magazine is also packed with a load of top-quality visual stimulation for the less literate among you.

Closer Skateboard Magazine Issue 7 features photography from a load of the finest lensmen to ever glimpse a skateboard, including Dave Swift, Thomas Campbell, Kyle Seidler, Corey Greengage, Graham Tait, Mike Heikkila, Dakota Mullins and Closer's founder, Jaime Owens.

We shouldn't have to tell you that this is the finest quality skateboard content that money can buy so act quick and grab yourself a copy below because they never stay around for long!

Closer Skateboard Magazine Issue 7 Chris Colbourn Wallie One Foot, photo by Kyle Seidler
That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Closer Skateboard Magazine at CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.