The Week Today, Now - 28/05/2024

By Dan Bunn


Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Hermann Stene PRO AF, NB# Euro squad stylin' in you and Jaakko Ojanen behind the lens.

Paul Jenkins advert in The Skateboarder
PJ rollin' the dice. Photo by Mike Ridout and artwork by Nat Jones.


Following in the footsteps of fellow magician, Gustav Tonnesen, Jaakko Ojanen has picked up the VX for his new video, 'END OF IT', featuring a load of his talented Mañana skate shop homies alongside some typically bonkers footage of Jaakko himself.

Witness the New Balance Numeric Euro squad in action in 'Wake Up Massi', the new video filmed by Josh Hallett featuring a strong selection of European talent including Dale Starkie, Dee Collins, Andrew Verde, Massimo Cristofoletti and Davide Holzknecht.

Poetic Collective are back with part 2 of their new 'FAIRYLAND' project, this time featuring the immaculate pairing of everyone's favourite feather-footed glasses wearer, Aleksi Suovaara, with the more rugged approach of Gabriel Bjorsvik.

Dee Collins Switch Heelflip, photo by Sam Ashley
Dee Collins keeping it gangster with a powerful switch heel, shot by Sam Ashley.

Hermann Stene has finally managed to escape REAL Am purgatory and join the pro ranks, marking the occasion with a wholesome new video documenting his 'REAL Road to Pro' with interviews with Mama Stene and his new teammates.

'X2' is a stylish new offering from Alex Greenberg featuring a load of extremely powerful manoeuvres from Tuoyo Oroye, Joseph Campos, Roger Lorenzo and Ewing Ayala backed up by an equally powerful soundtrack.

Pass~Port and Vans have teamed up for a new shoe release and of course they've put together a new video to celebrate with all your favourite Aussies bringing that Southern Hemisphere flavour.

Hermann Stene pro for Real Skateboards
Hermann Stene PRO AF.

Hopps keep it strictly OG in their new 'AUTO' edit with classically trained bangers at rugged East Coast spots from the likes of Jahmal Williams, Mark Del Negro, Kyler Garrison, Joel Meinholz and more.

North Wales' most dedicated crew are back once again with Yannick and the homies taking us on a tour of some of the region's most esoteric spots in his new video, 'lliwiau llwyd'.

We all know what to expect from a Zero video and Gabriel Summers doesn't disappoint in his new 'No White Flag' part, putting his life on the line again and again for your enjoyment.

Gabriel Summers Heelflip into the bank, photo by Burny Diego
Gabbers riding the coaster, shot by Burny Diego.
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