Video Daze - New Balance Numeric Wake Up Massi

By Dan Bunn


Treat your eyeholes to the latest video from New Balance Numeric featuring a load of Europe's most stylish with Josh Hallett behind the lens.

New Balance Numeric Wake Up Massi Skate Video

After our in-store premiere on Friday (shoutout to everyone made it down!), New Balance Numeric have started the week off with a bang with the release of their incredible new video: 'Wake Up Massi'. Filmed and edited by Welsh ex-pat, Josh Hallett, 'Wake Up Massi' features a strong selection of Europe-based New Balance Numeric legends as they make light work of some of the finest spots the continent has to offer.

Showcasing the talents of Andrew Verde, Dale Starkie, Evan Johnson, Dee Collins, Charlie Munro, Davide Holzknecht and the eponymous Massimo Cristofoletti, alongside guest appearances from the likes of Tyler Surrey, Flo Mirtain, Connie Gascoigne, Will Sheerin and more, 'Wake Up Massi' features the crème de la crème of European skateboarding and proves that the New Balance Numeric eye for talent is just as elite as their shoemaking.

From Andrew Verde's silky smooth opener to the double dose of Italian stallions for the finale, 'Wake Up Massi' is absolutely dripping with that distinctive European flavour as the New Balance Numeric crew hit up spots in Marseille, Madrid, London, Athens and more

We all know the New Balance Numeric team is absolutely stacked with all-time legends like Andrew Reynolds, Tiago Lemos, Brandon Westgate, Jamie Foy and countless others so it's nice to see that they're still equally potent across the Atlantic.

Dee Collins switch heelflip, photo by Sam Ashley
Dee Collins stomping a switch heel in Athens, shot by Sam Ashley.

Despite the title of the video, Massimo Cristofoletti definitely isn't snoozing in his shared last part with Davide Holzknecht, as the pair supply more pristine Italian tech than a Lamborghini dealership with more flavour than Nonna's ragu.

Another standout performance, Dale Starkie has teamed up with Josh again after his part in 'Welcome 2 Hell', showcasing his more rugged but equally handsome style with a lovely dose of Northern grit to balance out the Continental vibes.

Plus, if you've watched 'Welcome 2 Hell' then you'll already know that Josh Hallett knows his way around a soundtrack and 'Wake Up Massi' is yet another treat for your earholes, featuring bangers from TLC, Baxter Dury, Earl Sweatshirt and Lucio Battisti to reflect the diverse styles of the New Balance Numeric crew.

Dale Starkie roll-in, photo by Sam Ashley
Dale taking the plunge, shot by Sam Ashley.

Alongside the video, Free Skate Mag have also posted an interview with all-time legend and New Balance Numeric team manager, Mark Baines, who offers an inside look at the skate industry, team management and his own personal struggles.

Although skateboarding's changed a lot in the last few years it still seems like there's relatively little support around for professionals once their time in the spotlight is up so it's nice to see this being discussed and hopefully we'll see some changes soon.

Davide Holzknecht Kickflip, photo by Sam Ashley.
Davide floating a kickflip, shot by Sam Ashley.
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