Brand Spotlight - Rassvet Skateboards

By Dan Bunn


We're hyped to be stocking Rassvet (AKA Paccbet), the crème de la crème of Russian skateboarding known for their top-quality product, stylish video offerings and powerful team, which now boasts Austyn Gillette and Remy Taveira!

Val Bauer 360 Flip, photo by Alex Papke
Val Bauer treflipping in LA, shot by Alex Papke.

Russia might not always be the first place you think of when it comes to thriving skate scenes but in recent years this often mysterious country has found itself in the spotlight more and more. From Russian scene videos appearing on Free Skate Mag, Gosha Konyshev consistently pushing the boundaries of winter skating and even tour videos from the likes of Adidas and Atlantic Drift; it's clear that Russia's got more to offer than funky hats and potent vodka, and leading this new skateboard-oriented Russian revolution is skate/streetwear brand, RASSVET.


Rassvet (AKA Paccbet) was founded in 2016 by Russian fashion designer and photographer, Gosha Rubchinskiy, and pro skater, Tolia Titaev. Thanks to Rubchinskiy's fashion background and links to Comme Des Garcons, the brand quickly established themselves in the streetwear scene thanks to their high-quality product and have since been making serious moves in the skate scene.

The name Rassvet, or Paccbet in Cyrillic, translates to 'dawn' or 'sunrise' (hence the iconic sunrise logo) and as such the brand draws inspiration from the new generation of Russian youth culture, emphasising a feeling of hope for the post-Soviet era through their bold artistic vision and aiming to shine new light on the often-overlooked Russian skate scene.


Despite being proudly Russian, Rassvet boasts a continent-spanning team of cosmopolitan legends with skaters from Russia, France, the USA and more. The Rassvet skate team features Lilian Fev, Val Bauer, Cambryan Sedlick, Joseph Biais, Alix Malnati, Yaroslav Kondratiev, Igor Smirnov and now Austyn Gillette and Remy Taveira after the pair were announced as the brand's newest pros at the Paris premiere of their upcoming video, 'BLUE'.

The Rassvet skate team at the premiere of their new video, Blue


Given their absolutely stacked team, it should come as no surprise that Rassvet's skate videos are an absolute joy to experience. Known for their striking visuals and impeccable soundtracks, Rassvet's videos match the high-quality finish of their product and are sure to appeal to any fans of Hockey, Polar and other similarly stylish brands.

Likewise, Rassvet's videos also reflect the team's cosmopolitan nature, with videos filmed across the globe, including at home in Russia as well as in Paris, Los Angeles and more with some equally international filmers behind the lens, including the likes of Romain Batard, Trevor Dare, James Cruickshank and Thomas Vigoureux. After hosting a premiere for their upcoming video, 'BLUE', we can safely say it's an absolute banger and we highly recommend you give it a watch once it's released!


As you'd expect from a brand with their roots in high fashion, Rassvet pride themselves on producing some of the finest quality clothing you can find in skateboarding, including a range of T-shirts, hoods, beanies, pants and more. We're hyped to be stocking a selection of Rassvet clothing, including their iconic 'Mini Logo' T-shirt and 'Logo Tag' Beanies.

Alongside the clothing, Rassvet also offer a range of premium skateboard decks which are made in Mexico by PS Stix, one of the finest woodshops in the game, for that top-tier pop and durability. Their current pros include founder, Tolia Titaev, as well as Cambryan Sedlick and the two latest additions, Austyn Gillette and Remy Taveira.

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