The Week Today, Now - 02/04/2024

By Dan Bunn


Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including 19 years of AVE on Vans, Paul Young's new East Coast banger and an inside look at France's thriving DIY scene.

AVE switch nosegrind revert in the new Vans AVE 2.0 Knit, photo by Anthony Acosta.
AVE test-driving his new pro shoe, shot by Anthony Acosta.

Coinciding with the launch of the new Vans AVE 2.0 Knit shoe, Benny Maglinao has put together a bangin' new retrospective edit covering AVE's 19 years skating for Vans as well as an interview with the man himself over on Free discussing some of his previous pro models and the inspirations behind the new shoe.

After our in-store premiere last week, Paul Young's exceptional, 40-minute East Coast edit, 'Down By Law', is now online in full for your viewing pleasure complete with old-school beats, galaxy-brain spot selection and full parts from legends like Aaron Herrington, Ben Tenner and Grady Smith. Don't be put off by the intimidating runtime, this one's well worth a watch.

More quality content from Vans this week, Guillaume Perimony takes us deep into the French DIY scene in his new documentary 'Set in Concrete', offering a behind-the-scenes look at some of the country's most iconic DIYs and the communities who helped build them, before the lads put the parks through their paces in the accompanying 'Concrete Roll' edit.

Arnaud Wagner backside hurricane, photo by Clement Le Gall.
Arnaud Wagner at the Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois DIY, shot by Clement Le Gall.

Brazilian powerhouse, Leo Favaro, has gone on a European rampage as part of his campaign for world domination in his new 'Mal Nenhum' part, unleashing buckets of flavour on a variety of spots from Lisbon to London.

Morgan DT has come through with a belter of a one-spot part at Montreal's legendary Peace Park, showing off an extensive catalogue of high-tech ledge hammers with support from some of the local crackheads. Bute season's almost here baybee.

Alex Greenberg documents the Hardies team on a slightly sus trip to the Cayman Islands as Tyshawn Jones, Na-kel Smith, Troy Stilwell and the rest of the lads hit the local park. Seems like a long way to go for a skatepark edit mind, I wonder what else could have possibly drawn them to this notorious tax haven...

Leo Favaro backside smith grind, photo by Sam Ashley
Leo Favaro throwing shapes in London, shot by Sam Ashley.

Sean Christiansen's 'Califörnya' edit is a lovely new offering out of Stockholm that's packed with a whole load of wholesome B-roll and signature Scandinavian style from the likes of David Jakinda, Vincent Huhta, Martin Sandberg, Gabriel Viking and many more.

Paris' Nozbone skateshop have celebrated their 20th anniversary with 20 minutes of hammers filmed all over Europe from Hugo Corbin, Amélien Foures, Jérôme Sossou and the rest of the team.

More Scandi goodness, Øyvind Svensen brings the creativity in his new 'Decapod' part, coming through with stylish slappies, tasteful spot selection and a load of quick-footed tekkers.

'In the gutter looking at stars' is an incredibly stylish new Converse edit showcasing some of their Oceanian contingent, including Corey Young, Reef Condon, Noah Smith, Pat Roberts and more.

Amelien Foures crooked grind transfer, photo by Thibault Le Nours
Amélien Foures in Athens for Nozbone's 20th anniversary, shot by Thibault Le Nours.
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