Product Spotlight - Dominic Marley Naughty Photo Book

By Dan Bunn


Travel back in time to the start of the millennium with the incredible new Dominic Marley Naughty photobook, documenting the London skate scene from 2000-2010.

We all know the 90s get a lot of love, what with the whole baggy jeans resurgence, 90s-inspired shaped decks and countless photobooks focusing on the time period, but for some reason the naughties tend to get neglected. Until now that is, as legendary UK photographer, Dominic Marley, has aimed to fill this gap with his new photobook documenting the London skate scene between 2000-2010.

Shot entirely on black-and-white film, the Dominic Marley Naughty Photobook features over 100 pages of the finest skate photos of the naughties with a strong selection of UK legends alongside some equally legendary cameos from international visitors. Whether you're an avid skate history nerd or a naughties head looking to relive the old days, Dominic Marley Naughty does an incredible job of filling the current void of noughties skate content and is sure to spark some long-overdue appreciation for the time period.


Born and raised in London, Dominic Marley is a certified legend in the UK photography game after earning himself a reputation as one of the most dedicated photographers in the game throughout the 2000s.

During this time period, Dom captured countless iconic photos of some of the biggest names in UK skateboarding, with his photography featuring in legendary UK mags like Sidewalk and Kingpin.

Despite excelling in all varieties of photography, Dom's probably best known for his black-and-white film photos which perfectly capture that signature London bleakness, as you can see in the new Dominic Marley Naughty photobook.

Fairfields Skate Spot, Croydon, 2005, photo by Dominic Marley from his book Naughty
Fairfields, 2005.

Today, Dom's taken his photography in a more professional direction, ditching dingy London back streets for high-end studios, helping to produce visuals for brands like Palace, Nike, Tag Heuer, Head, Adidas and more.

It's not just high-end brands he works with either as he's also done photoshoots with celebs like Asim Choudhry (AKA Chabuddy G) and football legends like Ian Wright, Dele Alli, Ronaldo and N'Golo Kanté.

Asim Choudhry, photo by Dominic Marley
Chabuddy G, shot by Dominic Marley


After years in development, Dominic Marley Naughty compiles some of his favourite skate photos from the 2000s into an incredible new photobook.

Focusing exclusively on the London scene between 2000-2010, the Dominic Marley Naughty book features 128 pages of premium black-and-white film photography to help shine a light on this under-represented era - which arguably is one of the most iconic in UK history.

Charlie Young backside flip, 2006, photo by Dominic Marley from his book Naughty
Charlie Young backside flip, 2006.

Showcasing some of the finest talent in UK skate history, the Dominic Marley Naughty book features photos of Nick Jensen, Charlie Young, Benny Fairfax, Rory Milanes, Chris Oliver and Palace founder, Lev Tanju at a wide range of spots both legendary and forgotten.

Alongside the local heads, Dominic Marley Naughty also features a wide range of international icons who've passed through London, including Ronnie Creager, Andrew Brophy, Stevie Williams and Bobby Puleo.

The pictures featured in the Dominic Marley Naughty book have been carefully selected by Dom, with the help of Jake Sawyer, Alex Skrzynski and Charlie Young, with the aim of capturing this distinctive time period in the city and give people something to look back on.

Stevie Williams, photo by Dominic Marley from his book Naughty

Enclosed in a perfect bound, hardback format, the Dominic Marley Naughty Photobook is printed on a semi-matt paper for a high-quality feel, using a 4-colour process to help keep the detail and contrast of the photos.

The Dominic Marley Naughty photobook is a true labour of love and that's clear to see in the finished product, with its sleek cover, premium finish and decades-worth of iconic skate photos. Show this massively under-rated time period some love and grab yourself a copy of Dominic Marley Naughty now!

Bobby Puleo Kickflip, 2004, photo by Dominic Marley from his book Naughty
Bobby Puleo kickflip, 2004.
That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to grab a copy of Dominic Marley Naughty Photobook at CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.