The Week Today, Now - 13/05/2024

By Dan Bunn


Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including a new Vans Europe full-length, Collins Boss on tour and seven minutes of Heitor smoothness.

Heitor Da Silva Frontside Bluntslide, photo by Alex Pires
Heitor cruising through a front blunt, shot by Alex Pires.


Treat your eyeholes to 7 minutes of textbook Heitor Da Silva swag as he takes his iconic style on an international rampage in his new 7 minute banger filmed by Tor Strom, complete with a dreamy soundtrack scored by Vincent Huhta's dad, Jean-Louis Huhta.

Tech skating and grindcore don't often go together but Ryan Connors somehow makes it work in his new part for Dan Plunkett and Kevin Terpening's brand, Swim, coming through with a load of bonkers manuals and ledge tekkers. Dude's like a mosher John Dilo.

The Vans Europe squad have come through with a heavy new full-length showcasing a wide range of Euro talent featuring the likes of Jordan Thackeray, Rob Maatman, Victor Perregrin and more with an absolutely bonkers last part from Martino Cattaneo. 

Ryan Connors Crook Bash from his Swim part, photo Paco Maldonado
Ryan Connors putting the 'grind' in grindcore, shot by Paco Maldonado.

Witness the King of Pigs in action as Newport's finest, Jake Collins, hits the road with his Volcom homies in their new UK tour video, 'Industrial Screw Up', featuring Harry Lintell, Matisse Banc, Eniz Fazliov and more.

Rye Beres is back with another hectic Homies edit, this time capturing the madness of the C'Mon Tom Skate Park Jam with appearances from Grant Taylor, Pedro Delfino and the Pabich brothers.

Poetic Collective bring their usual creative flourishes in the first instalment of their new 'FAIRYLAND' video, featuring their ever-growing team hitting up a wide variety of the finest European spots.

Harry Lintell Frontside Lipslide,photo by James Griffiths.
Harry Lintell handling business in the new Volcom video, shot by Griff.

Darby Gough has come through with an extremely stylish, self-edited new part for Grey, making light work of a variety of quintessentially British spots up and down the country.

Join the RAVE Skateboards lads on their trip to Athens as they link up with Greek legend, Thanos Panou, to help show them round some of the finest local spots.

The Umaverse (formerly UMA Landsleds) crew have hit the streets of Brazil for a nationwide tour complete with crusty skateparks, hectic jams and even a BA cameo.

Darby Gough Frontside Noseblunt, photo by Ben Larthe.
Darby Gough with a seaside noseblunt, shot by Ben Larthe.
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