The Week Today, Now - 11/03/2024

By Dan Bunn


Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Daewon vs Mike Arnold, Austin Bristow's Portions follow-up and Sour Solution in Morocco.

Tom Snape in Morocco, photo by Gerard Riera

Austin Bristow is back with 'Portiions', the follow up to one of our favourite videos from 2021, although this time he's taken things to a whole new level with a top-tier soundtrack; a laundry list of famous faces, including Cyrus Bennett, Danny Brady, Heitor Da Silva, Kyle Wilson, Jamie Platt, Tom Snape and countless others; and even some bonus overseas footage.

Something a bit closer to home: Episode.LTD is here to help you keep up to date with all your favourite Cardiff heads with a range of stylish VX edits featuring the likes of Gabe Gorman, Jacob Price and more. Looking forward to seeing more of this!

Two of skateboarding's most enigmatic characters, Mike Arnold and Daewon Song, have joined forces in their new shared part for Adidas, coming through with the kind of wizardry that only these two are capable of while Jake Harris works his own magic behind the lens.

One for the history nerds: Ted Barrow is back with a new instalment in his highly educational 'This Old Ledge' series, this time giving you a lesson on the history of the iconic Brooklyn Banks.

Tom Snape Krooked Grind from

The Sour Solution lads have taken their one-of-a-kind flavour to the streets of Morocco in their new 'Toxic Positivity' tour video, hitting up a load of pristine plazas and aesthetic North African spots with the help of local legend, Nassim Lacchab. You can also check out the tour article over on Thrasher for more of that signature Sour humour.

There's been a steady stream of quality content coming out of Valencia in recent years and 'Aroma Di Hate' is another banger to add to the list, delivering 18 minutes of Spanish VX goodness featuring the likes of Lukas Amador, Javi De Pedro, Adrian Fuentes and more.

'Reckon That's Fine' is a bangin' new Crailtap-centric edit from John Marello, featuring the likes of Tyler Pacheco, Griffin Gass, Dougie George, Carlisle Aikens and Rowan Davis with bonus appearances from Taylor Kirby, Blake Carpenter and other legends.

Cheap Motel have exploited that Portugese/Brazilian connection in their latest first ever promo which features a wide array of Brazilian expats making the most of Lisbon's spots, including Thaynan Costa, Lucs Marques, Tallys Jr. and more.

Axel Berggren 5050 gap to flat, photo by Gerard Riera

Join Danny Brady and Rory Milanes as they take their new Vans shoe, the Vans Safe Low, for a joy ride around Sicily making excellent use of the island's various ledges.

Whole lot of good shit in Kyle Geldert's new edit, 'Leave It Here', which showcases the talents of Rose Street Skateshop's younger generation including Cruise Mosberg, Nico Jones, Marky Numers and more.

Get your weekly dose of Midwest flavour in Aaron Christopher's new 'County Line' edit, featuring Andrew Renshaw, Drew Behler, Anthony Rahn and Aaron himself before Nyle Lovett shuts it down with five minutes of tasteful tech.

The Karaoke squad bring that distinctive Dutch creativity in their new edit, '1495', which comes complete with a hectic Rob Maatman part to seal the deal.

Danny Brady Suciu Grind, photo by Alex Pires
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