The Week Today, Now - 08/04/2024

By Dan Bunn


Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Tanner Burzinski PRO AF, Girl's East Coast tour and Independent in Cyprus.

Marius Syvanen Water Tower Ollie in Cyprus, photo by Samuel Ashley
Marius Syvanen channeling Jeremy Wray in Cyprus, shot by Sam Ashley.

Tanner Burzinski has become the latest addition to the WKND pro ranks and of course Grant Yansura has cooked up a textbook skit to celebrate alongside a bangin' new video showcasing Tanner's one-of-a-kind trick selection and ambidextrous tekkers with plenty of guest appearances from all his WKND homies.

Filmed mostly in London with a smattering of Portsmouth clips, 'some joy' is another top-tier video offering from Nick Vieweg which features the likes of Jack Bellami, Leonardo Panzera, Danny Jack and our man, Reid Allen, before finishing with an extremely powerful Pat Coghlan part.

Single-spot videos always get a massive thumbs-up from us and Dean Koontz's 'ENERGY' is a certified banger, capturing the brief window of time when Dallas' Grey Hall was actually skateable as a load of the local legends make the most of that premium marble.

Tanner Burzinski Frontside Flip, photo by Alex Papke
Tanner Burzinski with a PRO AF FS flip, shot by Alex Papke.

Join the Girl Skateboards crew on their East Coast tour as they make their way from New York to Richmond via a load of iconic spots and parks with no shortage of good times. Nice to see Cory Kennedy back in the van!

Witness some of Independent's Euro squad at work in Cyprus as Eniz Fazliov, Thanos Panou, Marius Syvanen, Gabriel Ribeiro and Marco Kada lay down some serious hammers - including the footage of Eniz's recent Free cover.

Dancer have got everything you need to start your week off right with two minutes of mouth-watering Hjalte footage, made even sweeter by cameos from his former Polar teammates David Stenstrom and Kevin Rodrigues.

Niels Bennett Backside 5050 Gap out, photo by Ben Colen
Niels Bennett locking in in NYC, shot by Ben Colen.

East Coast steeze meets international spots in John Valenti's new video, 'FREE TIME', as Dustin Eggeling, John Baragwanath, Taylor Nawrocki and more make the way around Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon and Tokyo, bringing those gritty East Coast vibes with them along the way.

The Stussy lads bring some serious flavour in their new 'Oceanside' edit as Hugo Boserup, Aaron Loreth, Diego Todd, Gabe Thompson and the rest of the crew deliver two-and-a-half minutes of pure joy.

Catch up with all your favourite NYC young guns in the latest jawn from Neema Joorabchi, featuring Jasper Stieve, Noah Singleton, Zac Gavin, Isaac White, Amin Sharif and all the usual suspects.

Hugo Boserup ollie over in Oceanside, photo by Kris Burkhardt.
Hugo taking the fast way down, shot by Kris Burkhardt.
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