The Week Today, Now - 04/03/2024

By Dan Bunn


Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Rassvet's 'BLUE', our new shop video and nostalgic Zero hammers.

Oscar Evans Backside Flip, photo by Mike Ridout

In case you missed it, our new shop edit 'ABD VID' is now online for your viewing pleasure with five minutes of local hammers from all your favourite Dragons.

Rassvet have welcomed their two new pros, Austyn Gillette and Remy Taveira, to the squad in their incredible new full-length 'BLUE', filmed mainly between Paris and LA with parts from Cambryan Sedlick, Lilian Fev, Joseph Biais and the rest of the gang,

Coinciding with the release of his new Emerica pro shoe, Dakota Servold has come through with 10 minutes of non-stop rail hammers at a load of obscure spots around the US as well as making his mark on the legendary Frost Middle School rail.

Cambryan Sedlick Frontside Flip from BLUE, photo by Andrew James peters.

After the new 'Baker Has a Deathwish' video last month, we've got a new Zero video to transport you back to the mid-2000s again with new blood, Reuben Barrack, Ben Havran and Anthony Vega laying down hammers alongside the old guard.

Marshall Manuel brings serious wildcard energy in his new Deep Fried part, coming through with cobblestone hill bombs, bonkers ride-on grinds and all other kinds of insanity. That thumbnail says it all.

Talles Silva has delivered two and a half minutes of powerful Brazilian tech in his new 'Top Heavy' part, backed up by some equally bonkers manuals from Japan's finest, Ryuhei Kitazume.

Marshall Manuel Boneless 5-0 Bash, photo by Joe Madrigal

Treat your peepers to 5 minutes of Melbourne goodness courtesy of Majick Templeton featuring bangers from all your faves, including Tai Wepa, Simon Zuzic, Digby Luxton, Shaun Paul, Raph Langslow and more.

Isaiah Boughn's 'OREGONVIDEO' is a tasteful new offering out of Portland featuring the likes of Sebo Walker, Cooper Qua, Romel Torres and many more making the most of the city's rugged architecture.

Take a trip to flavour town with Mark McCoy's new part for Frog as he brings style and creativity to a load of cutty spots.

Mark McCoy Kickflip Noseslide
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