Product Spotlight - Last Resort Drop 14

By Dan Bunn


Fresh batch of premium footwear from your favourite skater-owned shoe brand, Last Resort's Drop 14 collection continues their run of good form with a load of tasteful new colourways.

Do you like supporting skater-owned brands? What are we saying?! Of course you do! Well, luckily for you we've got a fresh batch of skate shoes, caps and clothing from one of the absolute finest skater-owned brands in the game: Last Resort AB. Created by all-time legend and founder of Polar Skate Co, Pontus Alv, Last Resort bring that premium Swedish craftsmanship to everything they do, so you can help support skateboarding without having to suffer inferior product.

The Last Resort Drop 14 collection comes packed with a load of fresh takes on some of their most popular designs, including a new colourway and revamped upper for the VM003 Suede Lo, the return of some of their most iconic T-shirts and even some all-new dad caps to help get you ready for Spring. You should all know by now that Last Resort simply do not miss and this latest drop is here to remind you of that.


First up, the best-selling Last Resort VM003 makes its triumphant return with a new colourway in their ever-popular Suede Lo model. The VM003 has proved super popular since it was first released, offering a more rounded silhouette compared to the VM001 and VM002, and you really can't beat the grip and durability of suede.

Last Resort AB VM003 Suede Lo (Elm Green / White) Top Down View

For Last Resort's Drop 14 collection, the VM003 comes in a stylish new Elm Green / White colourway, with an Elm Green suede upper and White sole for a classic look that's perfect for Spring. They've even spiced up the upper by adding in some new decorative stitching down the sides of the shoe for a bit of extra flavour.

Last Resort AB VM003 Suede Lo (Elm Green / White)

Likewise, as with all of Last Resort's most recent offerings, the new VM003 Suede Lo in Elm Green features their signature Cloudy Cush removable insole for top quality cushioning and support that you can always swap out for something more heavy duty if you need.


Alongside the new VM003s, Last Resort Drop 14 also features the return of some of their most iconic T-shirt designs in a selection of tasteful colourways. As the saying goes: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", and Last Resort live by that motto.

We've got two new variants of the best-selling Last Resort 'Atlas Monogram' T-shirt: a longsleeve version in Black / White and a shortsleeve version in Dress Blues, both featuring the signature Atlas Monogram back print and LRAB chest print for a sleek, stylish look.

Additionally, the drop also sees the return of the iconic Last Resort '5050' T-shirt in Black and White colourways, which again features an LRAB chest print alongside a large back print of their signature Eyes graphic.

Last Resort Atlas Monogram T-shirt (Dress Blues)


Last but not least, the drop also features some new caps which have arrived just in time for Spring. Both of these new offerings feature Last Resort's new Daddy construction which is their take on a classic dad cap fit, albeit with an oddly sexual name.

If you're a fan of the 'Atlas Monogram' graphic then you're in luck as Last Resort D14 introduces the new 'Atlas' Cap which comes in two colourways - Black and Khaki - and features embroidered artwork on the front and rear.

Finally, the drop also includes the Last Resort 'LR Sign' Cap in Washed Black which features the brand new LR Sign graphic in a sleek, black-on-black colourway for some tasteful, subtle branding.

Last Resort
That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Last Resort skate shoes and clothing at CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.