Product Spotlight - Carpet Company Season 17 (Bonus Package)

By Dan Bunn


Check out the final batch of goodies from Carpet Company Season 17, including tasteful T-shirts, zip hoods and C-star beanies alongside some unique accessories that only Carpet could come up with.

Don't worry if you thought all the excitement of Carpet Company's Season 17 collection was all over as we've just received a final batch of goodies from the drop to keep the hype going. After a textbook customs mishap, we've finally got our hands on the long-lost package containing some of the final bits from Carpet Company Season 17 and it's safe to say they've saved the best 'til last.

Carpet Company are known for their creative and often playful approach to design and this collection of goodies is the perfect example of this, complete with a load of unique, must-have accessories like ear muffs and Rubiks cubes. Of course, they've also got you covered if you're looking for something a bit more conventional with a stylish zip hood, new T-shirt designs and their iconic C-Star beanies.


As always, Carpet Company have delivered a solid selection of new T-shirt designs that have been lovingly screen-printed on top-quality, heavyweight tees. 

Just like all their products, the attention to detail on their T-shirts is next-level with a custom Carpet label on the neck as well as a bonus 'Carpet Sucks' clamp label for some extra flavour.

The final tees from Carpet Company Season 17 include the new 'Spaceman' T-shirt with its adorable space monkey design, and the 'Trouble' Longsleeve T-shirt which features a troublesome-looking youth who kinda gives off Sid from Toy Story vibes.

Carpet Company Trouble Longsleeve T-shirt (Rust)


Alongside the tees, we've also got the new Carpet Company 'Chrome' Zip-up Hood which features a chrome-effect Carpet logo across the chest with a large question mark back print for that futuristic, T-1000 flavour.

Seeing as the weather's starting to almost feel like Spring, now's the perfect time to be wearing a zip hood for that adjustable warmth that's perfect for handling anything Spring can throw at you - and with dual YKK zippers, this new Carpet Company zip hood offers the ultimate flexibility in how you wear it.

Carpet Company Chrome Zip Hood (Black)


Topping off the clothing part of the collection, Carpet Company Season 17 also brings back one of their most beloved designs, the Carpet 'C-Star' Beanie, with some lovely new colourways.

This timeless piece has got to be one of Carpet's most iconic products with its cuffed fit and all-over C-star embroidery that really shows off just how much you love Carpet.

For some more subtle branding, the C-star beanies also feature a custom Carpet Company Season 17 label on the inside, complete with Chico Brenes' 'Boxer' graphic, giving you that quality finish and attention-to-detail you expect from Carpet.

We've got the Carpet Company 'C Star' Beanie in two stylish colourways: Black with Pink C Star logos and Plum with Pink C Star logos. 

Carpet Company


Last but definitely not least, the latest selection of Carpet Company accessories is where the brand can really show off their creativity. Season 17 comes packing a range of accessories that are definite NBDs when it comes to skateboarding, proving once and for all that nobody does it quite like Carpet.

One of the most exciting pieces from the collection has to be the new Carpet Company 'C-star' Rubiks Cube which takes one of the world's most beloved puzzles and gives it a stylish Carpet twist so you can flex on everyone with your ability to solve a Rubiks cube and your impeccable taste in skate brands .

Alternatively, we've also got the new 'C-star' Ear Muffs in Sky Blue or Black which feature a portable fold-up construction, making them easy to fit in your bag or pocket, and ultra-cosy teddy bear material to keep you feeling warm and snug, even if it is nearly Spring...

Carpet Company Rubiks Cube
That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Carpet Company clothing and skateboard decks at CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.