Product Spotlight - Carpet Company BRAT Capsule

By Dan Bunn


Celebrate the release of Carpet's first full-length video with the new Carpet Company BRAT Capsule, bringing you decks, tees, caps and more to mark the occasion.

We've been big fans of Carpet Company for a while now, so it feels kinda weird to think that they've only just released their first skate video eight years after the brand was founded. But better late than never, as they say, and the boys have made up for lost time with their new 20-minute banger, 'BRAT', accompanied by a bangin' new collection of clothing and decks to mark the occasion. Seeing as Carpet are already known for creating some of the best ads in skateboarding (if not the world), we obviously had high hopes for this video and it's safe to say it didn't disappoint with a top-tier soundtrack, impeccable vibes and a load of bizarre skits.

Filmed entirely on VX by Nnamdi Ihekwoaba and edited by Carpet bossman, Ayman Abdeldayem, the Carpet Company BRAT video stars Rashad Murray, Quinn Batley and Mason Padilla alongside a load of clips from the brand's founders, Ayman and Osama Abdeldayem. The whole video's dripping in style, with creative trick and spot selection to match the brand's ethos and a ridiculously diverse soundtrack featuring the likes of Kate Bush, Rihanna, Trapped Under Ice and Lil Wayne. Of course they've also added in some of their signature humour with a load of skits, mostly revolving around the team in their fictional workplaces, for those old-school Crailtap vibes. We all know these guys make some of the best clothing in the game so it's nice to know now that their talent extends to videos too.


To celebrate this momentous occasion, Carpet have immortalised their new video with a full Carpet Company BRAT collection featuring a range of decks, clothing and more.

If you're looking to proudly show your love for the video, or you're just a bit of a brat yourself, the new Carpet Company BRAT decks feature a large BRAT print alongside a custom top graphic with a unique colourway for each board.

As always, the Carpet Company BRAT decks are all lovingly hand-screened, dated, numbered and habibi-certified in Carpet's Headquarters with only 263 of the decks made in total.

Carpet Company BRAT Decks


Alongside the decks, we've also got a bangin' selection of T-shirts as part of the Carpet Company BRAT collection with two new designs based around the video.

First up, we've got the Carpet Company 'Kid' T-shirt which features both a chest and back hem print for that unique Carpet flavour. Available in a range of colourways, you can keep it simple with Black or White, or mix things up a bit with the lovely Chestnut.

Alternatively, we've got the Carpet Company 'Bedroom' T-shirt which features the video's incredible promo artwork by Elijah Maura as a chest print. The 'Bedroom' Tee again comes in a variety of stylish colourways, including Black, White and Hulk Green.

Carpet Company Kid T-shirt (Chestnut)


The new Carpet Company BRAT Collection also includes a new 6 panel cap with a grungy bleached, distressed denim construction that would go perfectly with your studded belt.

Much like the decks, the Carpet Company BRAT Logo Cap features the distinctive pink BRAT logo embroidered on the front for a lovely bit of contrast to the washed out Charcoal colourway, as well as a more subtle Carpet logo on the back.

Carpet Company BRAT Logo Cap


Last but not least, the Carpet Company BRAT Capsule also features some lovely extra bits including BRAT socks and a DVD for the old school heads.

You can't beat owning something on DVD and the Carpet Company BRAT DVD is at the very pinnacle of DVD quality with a premium tin case, custom interior artwork and a free postcard featuring the 'Bedroom' artwork by Elijah Maura. You won't be finding this in CEX.

Likewise, the Carpet Company BRAT Socks are similarly luxurious with a rubbed construction for a snug fit and an embroidered BRAT logo down the sides. They even feature a secret fold-down Carpet logo for some extra flair.

Carpet Company BRAT DVD
That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Carpet Company decks and clothing at CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.