Product Spotlight - Baglady Decks Spring '24

By Dan Bunn


Get the inside scoop on the latest batch of Baglady skateboard decks, featuring LA street photography, new shovel shapes and a load of returning classics.

Following on from their recent Spring clothing drop, South London's Baglady Supplies are back with a fresh run of decks bringing you a selection of graphics both old and new. It's no secret that these guys put a whole lot of love into what they produce and this is clear to see in their latest decks; all of which use premium quality North American Maple from Pennsylvania's independent woodshop, Pennswood, for long-lasting pop and durability.

Coming through with a load of brand new designs alongside fresh takes on returning classics, Baglady's latest decks feature a mixture of lovingly screen-printed graphics and high-quality transfers for a premium finish. On top of the high-grade aesthetics, the decks also feature experimental constructions, including a dipped board as well as a brand new shovel shape for the PS Stix fans. These guys are always pushing things to new levels and, unsurprisingly, this latest drop is one of their best yet.


First up, the latest batch of Baglady decks features a brand new addition to the range which continues their series of photo collages of different cities, this time focussing on one of America' most infamous destinations.

The Baglady 'City of Angels' 8.375" Deck features a collage of striking black-and-white film photos shot by long-time contributor to the brand, George Booth-Cole, during his time in Los Angeles (AKA the 'City of Angels').

Capturing the surreal nature of the city, the collage features several bizarre juxtapositions, including the Virgin Mary next to a Michael Jackson impersonator, and various other depictions of religion in modern America.



Alongside the new 'City of Angels' deck, the latest run of Baglady decks sees the return of their incredible 'Didactic' graphic in a new wood-based format.

The Baglady 'Didactic' 8.5" Deck features a vibrant green woodstain with screen-printed artwork from London-based tattoo artist, Chris Garcia, depicting a variety of haunting illustrations in his bangin' hand-drawn style.

To make things even more exciting, the 'Didactic' deck also introduces a brand new shape to the range with its squared-off, shovel shape that's sure to appeal to fans of Hockey and Quasi decks.

Baglady Didactic 8.5" Deck


Another returning classic, Baglady's latest run of decks reintroduces their beloved 'Alien Head' graphic while putting a fresh spin on this iconic design.

The Baglady 'Alien Head' 8.25" Deck features their signature 'Alien Head' logo as previously seen on some of their tees, fleeces and joggers. However, this time they've added a little twist with an image of the London cityscape inside the head to reinforce their roots.

For a bit of extra flavour, the new 'Alien Head' deck also features a black dipped construction for those old-school goth vibes. What's not to love?

Baglady Alien Head 8.25" Deck


Last but not least, the drop also brings back one of Baglady's most popular designs with a fresh iteration of their beloved 'Throw Up' graphic.

This time, the Baglady 'Throw Up Logo' 8.125" Deck features a Blue woodstain with an eye-catching green 'Throw Up Logo' graphic for a lovely bit of contrast.

This one's a tried-and-true classic and you can never go wrong with a graff logo.

Baglady Throw Up Logo 8.125" Deck
That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Baglady skateboards and clothing at CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.