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Finally back to posting on Mondays. Getting our shit together? Maybe.

Latest Stuff in The Shop: Re-up on New Balance Jamie Foy, 213288, 379440 in a few different colours. Anti Hero Eagle and 'Lil Pigeon' Snapbacks. 

Jameel Douglas with the buttery SF flow in The Northern Companies latest full length - Helen. 

Doubles Ltd's New Mess vid re-defines the term "shoe-gaze".

Bounce, Alltimers promo for their next full length is pretty fire. Worth the watch just to see Etienne in a khaki trench coat. 

Troposphere’s full length - Demo just dropped. Not shy of a pressure flip or slo-mo footy mind. Catch Olli Ilmonen, Tomi Rehula, Onni Saltevo, Ville Kähkönen, Teemu Metsäkylä, Ville Keituri and Joel Juuso in the latest Finnish full-length.

Sage Elsesser's Top 5 Favourite Parts over on Quartersnacks is definitely worth a read. He talks about monumental heelflips and pop that changed the way he looks at skateboarding. Surprisingly, some of my favorite parts are also in there.

Nick Jensen, the man behind Isle Skateboards did a One Sheet over at Jenkem. 

Some more Jenkem goodness for you to feast your eyes on. Step into the mind of John Horner and learn some glorious skate history in the form of a comic. If you haven't seen the comic John made for Spit and Sawdust's 5th birthday, click HERE. 

Ryan Larue and Ben Narloch dropping hammers in their Familia Part over on Thrasher 

Kai Kishi coming through with the smoke in his Crupiê Wheels Part. Can see why Shane put him on April. 

The Bunt had Wade Desarmo on where he fills you in on why he left DGK for Primitive a couple years back


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