Jess Is A Photographer Now


It's exactly one week until Christmas, don't forget that CSC's got you on that.

Ethan being 100% what CSC is about. If you ain't seen Festive Bake yet, are you actually human?

So yeah, Jess is an official photographer now. He's got a camera and everything. Even get's Reid to develop his stuff in Express Imaging. He's even sent us a load of photos which may or may not have been taken at the Christmas party so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Whoever said Tony Hawk's Pro Skater was unrealistic was an idiot and clearly hasn't heard of the Street Urchins

NEXT from Quentin Guthrie is 15 minutes of solid gold. It's got pretty much every London head and has clips from favourite Welshmen-in-London's Conor Charleson, Caradog Emanuel, and Jim Silver. Dom Henry also destroys it.

Nick & Kyle has pretty much every Nike SB hooked up person in London in it. And some from from further afield ala the Nik Stain Campaign.

Our brothers from different skate stores, midlanders Bonafide celebrated their second anniversary and dropped an edit to go with it

You saw Turkey last week, now treat your eyes to some beautiful stills from the eyes of Reece Leung and Rich West.

Darkhouse Family give Bonafide Mag a guide to Cardiff.

Jamie Foy in Flat Earth. One of those parts you feel you have to watch, but after need a Nurofen. 

King Mag probed State Footwear's owner, Kevin Furtado.

'Community' from James Harris has a bunch of Bristol heads and some fresh Pete Carron footage.

Bet you didn't know Lucien was thirty. And there's probably more you didn't know about the man with the Palace video enders. Quartersnacks on the scene bringing the news to you.

Krooked boys with the extended Barca edit from LSD.

Gonna leave this here, it amused us more than it should have.

New product into the shop includes; Wrench Justice decks from Real, new bits from Blast Skates, and Heroin X Hirotton collab decks.

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