Independent Genuine Spare Parts Kit (Green)

Independent Genuine Spare Parts Kit (Green)


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The ultimate travel companion from Independent. A great hard case filled with all the bits you're gonna want while out on your travels. Everything in the case is all nicely separated for all you OCD cases out there.

  • Spare parts travel kit
  • Contains:
    2 GP-S skateboard bearings
    1 Set of 7/8” Black Skateboard Bolts / Nuts
    1 Set Assorted 7/8” Silver, Gold, Red Bolts / Nuts
    2 Pivot Cups
    1 set 88a Red Cushions
    1 set 90a Orange Cushions
    2 Top Cup Washers
    2 Bottom Cup Washers
    4 Bearing Spacers
    8 SpeedRings
    4 Axle Nuts
    2 Kingpin Nuts
  • Military style tackle box
  • Latch closure
  • Strap

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