Top 5 Double Flips

by Dan Bunn

Some tricks are illegal for a reason and the double flip is one of them. While CSC in no way endorses this trick, we've done some digging to find some exceptions to the rule.

Police Stock Photo via Depositphotos - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Double flips have long been frowned upon within the skate scene and if you ask us, it's for good reason. There's something pretty reductive about the mentality of the more flips/spins the better. "What could be better than a kickflip? I know! Two kickflips in one!" I don't think so, buddy. Would you really want to live in a world where the pinnacle of skating is some 12 year old Olympic prodigy hucking a quad flip down a 20 stair? Maybe it's just me, but that sounds like a pretty bleak future. And don't even get me started on double flip variations like the dreaded varial double flip or 360 double flip. It's gonna be a no from me dawg.

However, it's partially the double flip's tarnished reputation that means that a well timed and tastefully executed double flip can actually be pretty enjoyable. Performed by the right person at the right time, often with a hint of irony, double flips can be used for massive effect. They're still illegal, and they're probably best left for last letter in a game of SKATE, but here's some rare exceptions.

Heath Kirchart - Mindfield (2009)

To be honest, Heath Kirchart can pretty much do what he wants so it's fairly unsurprising that he can get away with a double flip. If he went full Jeffwon Song doing mobbed quad flips down 12 stairs I'd probably still try to find some way to defend him. Regardless of my Heath Kirchart fetish, Heath effortlessly floats this double flip over a picnic table and it couldn't be further from the skatepark crop-dusters that usually come to mind when you think of a double flip. It even spins fast enough that you can almost convince yourself it's just a straight kickflip, which makes enjoying it a lot easier.

Justin Henry - Mother (2018)

In this day and age double flips are firmly on the no-no list. So when Justin Henry double flipped a bump to bar in his seminal 'Mother' part it definitely came as a bit of a shock. Especially considering how refined and tasteful his trick selection usually is. I'd like to think there's some amount of self-awareness in this decision, with Justin embracing the sinfulness of the double flip to subvert expectations and add a layer of irony. Either way it's one of the most powerful double flips you're ever likely to see.

Antwuan Dixon - Baker Has A Deathwish (2008)

Antwuan's another one who can pull off tricks that few others can (nollie varial heel is a prime example), so it's pretty unsurprising that he can also get away with double flips. 'Twuan doubles down with two tasteful double flip variations in this part, including a lesser-seen fakie version down Wilshire 10. Obviously both are performed with impeccable arms-down steeze so it's pretty hard to hate on.

Kerry Getz - Skate More (2005)

You can't really have a list about double flips and not include Kerry Getz. The man's probably done more to salvage the credibility of double flips than anyone else. You can pretty much guarantee he'll have at least one in his part - whether it's down stairs, over a rail, or even on transition - and just like everything Kerry does, he does it with serious power and style. His double flip down the MACBA 4 block (back when it was a 4) is undeniably heavy and the fact it's his ender is a pretty bold move.

Danny Brady - Lost and Found (2005)

A legendary skater at a legendary spot in a legendary video from a legendary brand... doing a not-so-legendary trick. I guess you could argue that double flips are legendary, just not in a good way. Like some urban myth you use to scare your kids so they behave themselves, like the bogeyman or Purple Aki. "If you keep doing double flips you'll end up on Revive flow getting reposted by the Berrics with #SkateboardingIsFun". The thought alone is enough to send shivers down your spine. I think I've got a bit off track. Brady's double flip's sick though, that's what I meant to say.

Honourable Mentions

Dylan Rieder - Firing Line (2014)

A definite ode to Heath's double flip and a true testament to Dylan's ability to make absolutely anything look amazing. RIP.

Jeff DeChesare

Berrics mascot and reigning king of all things unaesthetic. If double flips are illegal then this man is the most prolific criminal in the history of skating. Gotta respect the hustle though I guess.

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