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You know you've hit the big time when this happens

We (and by "we" i mean Trix) are still here and risking it all so that we can deliver you the goods. Online store is still active af so go buy some shit and support the boys mun.

What's new?:

Re-up on the Bones Swiss and Super Swiss 6 Bearings, Krooked Big Kat Tee and the Eyes LG Tee, Anti Hero Eagle tee, alongside Fresh Yardsale tees and PassPort decks.

Bronze 56K dropping that good content reminding us of a time where we could hug the homies... also if you fancy some GTA type beats, tune in to their radio mix.

Milton's SOTY tour video is utter bonkers. Imagine having the year he had, only to be told you're going on another trip and you've gotta up yourself.

Talking of SOTY's, MJ's got a fairly long, and really good read interview on Thrasher.

Some of the coolest shit in skateboarding happened before I was born... thankfully Memory Screen is educating the youth. John Cardiel's Memory Screen section is currently up on Free so go take a look - for some further entertainment, give Vague's interview with John Cardiel a read too.

Yoo Giddy #11 is fire. Romain Batard kills the filming and makes Edouard Depaz, Valentin Bauer, Joseph Biais, Lilian Fev, Marca Barbier, Remy Taveira, and many more look real buttery.

Hélas boys bringin the ruckas to Paris and Barcelona.

Heitor Da Silva filmed a banging minute over at Parade for the release of the new Adidas Copa Nationale shoe.

Best believe some of your favourite names are in this one. James Cruickshank's full length Afterbang from a year or two back is now up on Free's site. It features the likes of Dom Henry, Jed Coldwell, Joe Gavin, Jerome Campbell, Reuben Horvath, Richard Chung, Shaun Currie, Joe Paget, Joe Marks, Matlok Bennett-Jones, and loads more.

A couple minutes of the Paris boys that Nike SB have started hooking up. It features Alastair Pathé, Marca Barbier, PJ Chapuis, Hugo Corbin, Auguste Bouznade, Santiago Sasson, Oski, Mustapha Salem, Antoine Volle, Olli Lilja and Julian Kimura. Watch Horizons Bleus HERE.

Simo Mäkelä's section in SLP's 'Hannu'. The latest clip out of Finland filmed and edited by Tobbe. #neverforget Simo managed a font board pop out on that rail by Welsh Office.


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