Fisheye, but no fish

Jim O

We lost a very good friend this week, someone who was always down to go the extra hundred miles to help you, and always down to drive an extra hundred miles on top to go for a skate. He lived completely by his own set of rules, a true don't-give-a-fuck attitude to the fullest degree, but would bend over backwards for any skater, even if he was on the other side of the world. We love you forever Danny ♥️

His funeral's taking place in Holyhead, fittingly on Friday the 13th. If you need a lift or anything, let us know and we'll sort something out.

Can someone explain to us what's going on here? Like, if you did this on purpose to get us talking, fair play it worked. But you're still not gonna get away without a bollocking on this.

On this week's episode of I Know Black People, contestants thought Travis Scott was A$AP Rocky. Check out Travis Scott's Nike SB Dunk Vid HERE BOI, catch Ishod Wair, Theotis Beasley, Kyle Wilson and Robert Neal ruin some hypebeasts dreams.

ATL head, Ferg keeping the timbs dream alive in his new part on Jenkem, which also features an interview with him.

Jason Dill dropping a couple gems on ya'll. Dill pulled up to ASU to give a talk giving a bunch of solid life lessons covering topics like the link between reading and creativity but also dealing with insecurities and lack of satisfaction with your work. Jenkem have kindly summed up the key points of the talk.

Time Does Not Heal All Wounds but two minutes of Dylan Rieder footy helps.

'Dats gangsta!' - A solid review from the streets of NYC from Josh Stewart's Static IV swan song. Lots of your current fave's back before you knew them in here.

Milton's lesser known, and dare I say more interesting brother drops the Cleaver.

Tom Knox is out here letting you guys know about parenthood and skating, he also breaks down his Catfish line.

Catch Max Palmer, Andrew Wilson and Josh Pall on their Texas trip for the Carhartt x Skate Jawn collab

Chocolate homies living up to the legacy in their Toronto - NYC Video. HIt that link to see the likes of new lads Hakeem Ducksworth, James Capps, Carl Aikens, alongside veterans Andrew Brophy, Yonnie Cruz and Vincent Alvarez drop some hammers. And yeah, there's a clip of Smyth eating in it and they even bump into Quim for a little freestyle.

Ever see someone dunk from a mini ramp? Nah, didn't think so. See that and 6 minutes worth of crusty East Coast flavour from Scum Co & Sons with some v. pretty pictures over at Vague.

New stuff: finally got those Thrasher mags, you know the one with Tom Knox on the cover and the other with Jack O'Grady. Had a big re-up on Dickies, and some new colours. Butter Goods Q2 drop is also in the house.

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