Locked Down Links

by Jim O
Pretty hectic times we're in at the moment but not to worry, even though our physical shop is closed, you can still get all your fine threads and other bits from our online store for that new good good from PolarFast WheelsSour, Carve Wicked, Indy and more.

We're still operating the online store as normal, and even doing home delivering where we can in Cardiff. Be like Harry, and don't be shy about sticking in an order innit.

Speaking of Carve, their latest edit Peg The Man from our favourite cuddly toy Harry Deane just dropped. Seems like Bummo totally when in for the kill on this one!

Forecast boys managed to get to Barca before all this shit kicked off, peep the vid featuring Bummo, Bailey, Ryan Price, Will Mux, Sam Pulley, Frankie Darby, Ollie Josty, Danger Rob, James Collins and Adam Keys to remind yourself of better days. Check out Vague's site for photos and chortle-filled write up from the trip HERE.

If you didn't already know Jake's back on Indy and went to Athens with some of the Euro crew back in the January. Free's just come through with the edit.

Vague uploaded Deffro, a full length from the man who keeps the North Wales hype going with East Coast flavour, Yannick Hammer. Big ups Yannick!

Santa Cruz Euro team out in Gran Canaria, full photo gallery and vid on Vague now. Did we mention Nat who designs all our stuff did all these Santa Cruz clothes? Life hammers.

Roman Lisivka dropping some hammers at Stalin Plaza in the new Primitive video.  Also features the rest of the crew and asks the question 'When the hell is Luan getting on?'

The guys we usually see skating MACBA on instagram have finally come out with a video (5 minutes does not constitute as a video - Trix). Check out Pedro Attenborough, Brayan Albarenga and more in the OPLA by Yoryo.

Nine months since What Paradise? Jarne blows us all away again in Professional Life, 12 minutes of footage in 9 months is nothing to scoff at. And that hippie jump plant pot head explosion got our heads exploding.

Episode 1 of Flora has some of your future favourite skaters wounding it. Who knew John Dilo had the beast mode sw flip hammers?

Finally, Pass~Port's Kitsch is online in full. Free also have an interview with Geoff Campbell to go with it.

Daniel Dent blesses us with the apple.

Billy and & Katie Trick's dual-sibling interview from Vague's Issue 11 went online. A wonderful insight into the two most creative minds to come out of Port Talbot.

Chase Webb with some heavy rail manoeuvres (what else were you expecting) in his new part for Pizza.

Carhartt W.I.P. x QS remix social edit is pretty sick. Featuring the likes of Matlok Bennett-Jones, Max Palmer, Andrew Wilson, Roman Gonzalez, Ollie Lock, Sylvain Tognelli, Jack O’Grady, Pepe Tirelli, Tolia Titaev, Taylor Caruso, Josh Pall, Felipe Bartolomé and Rémy Taveira. Filmed by Romain Batard, George Kousoulis, Jeffrey Giddens & Vincent Villagomez.

Jahmir Brown's part for Venture is a good watch, heavy Philly vibes. Only thing missing is Love.


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